Medical Science and Technology
Pain Management

Anaesthesia Science (Webster) 146.95
Analgesia (Stein) 428.00
Anesthesia and Analgesia in Dermatologic Surgery (Harahap) 198.95
Anesthesia and Orthopaedic Surgery (Boezaart) 175.00
Anesthesia for Cardiac Surgery, 3rd edition (Dinardo) 173.95
Anesthesia for Congenital Heart Disease, 2nd edition (Andropoulos) 223.95
Anesthesia for Genetic, Metabolic, and Dysmorphic Syndromes of Childhood (Baum) 168.00
Anesthesia for Obstetrics, Schnider and Levinson's, 4th edition (Hughes) 168.00
Anesthesiologist's Manual of Surgical Procedures, 4th edition (Jaffe) 168.00
Anesthesiology (Longnecker) 248.00
Atlas of Ultrasound and Nerve Stimulation-Guided Regional Anesthesia (Tsui) 198.00
Clinical Anesthesia, 5th edition (Barash) 198.00
Complications in Anesthesiology (Lobato) 168.00
Ethical Issues in Chronic Pain Management (Schatman) 248.95
Evidence-Based Chronic Pain Management (Stannard) 198.95
Female Sexual Pain Disorders: Evaluation and Management (Binik) 144.95
Gastrointestinal and Colorectal Anesthesia (Kumar) 248.95
Geriatric Anesthesia (Sieber) 115.00
Handbook of C-Arm Fluoroscopy-Guided Spinal Injections (Wang) 216.95
Handbook of Neuroanesthesia, 4th edition (Newfield) 54.95
Handbook of Pharmacology and Physiology in Anesthetic Practice, 2nd edition (Stoelting) 59.95
Interventional Radiology in Pain Treatment (Kastler) 168.00
Management of Pain, Bonica's, 4th edition (Fishman) 298.00
Management of Pain in Older People (Schofield) 49.00
Management of the Difficult and Failed Airway (Hung) 141.00
Managing Pain in Children: A Clinical Guide (Twycross) 51.95
Manipulation Under Anesthesia: Concepts in Theory and Application (Gordon) 198.95
Manual of Office-Based Anesthesia Procedures (Shapiro) 54.95
Mayo Clinic Procedural Training Manual DVD (Lennon) 148.95
Minimally Invasive Musculoskeletal Pain Medicine (Freedman) 198.95
Pain in Infants, Children, and Adolescents, 2nd edition (Schlechter) 158.00
Pain in Osteoarthritis (Felson) 138.95
Pain Management: Expanding the Pharmacological Options (McCleane) 98.95
Pediatric Anesthesia, 5th edition (Gregory) 348.95
Pediatric Cardiac Anesthesia, 4th edition (Lake) 179.95
Perioperative Fluid Therapy (Hahn) 298.95
Perioperative Pain Management (Cox) 68.95
Perioperative Transfusion Medicine, 2nd edition (Spiess) 158.00
Peripheral Nerve Blocks: A Color Atlas (Chelly) 118.00
Peripheral Receptor Targets for Analgesia: Novel Approaches to Pain Management (Cairns) 144.00
Pharmacology and Physiology in Anesthetic Practice, 4th edition (Stoelting) 168.00
Principles and Practice of Pain Medicine, 2nd edition (Warfield) 130.00
Principles and Practice of Pharmacology for Anaesthetists, 5th edition (Calvey) 198.95
Principles of Transfusion Medicine, 4th edition (Simon) 298.95
Regional Nerve Blocks and Infiltration Therapy: Textbook and Color Atlas, 2nd edition (Jankovic) 198.95
Sodium Channels, Pain, and Analgesia (Coward) 188.00
Spinal and Epidural Anesthesia (Wong) 104.00
Syndromes: Rapid Recognition and Perioperative Implications (Bissonnette) 131.00
T.E.A.L.—The Electronic Anesthesiology Library on DVD-ROM 1991-2005 148.00
Textbook of Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain Management (Hadzic) 219.00
Transesophageal Electrocardiography in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine Book + CD-ROM, 2nd edition (Poelaert) 245.95
Ultrasound-Guided Nerve Blocks on DVD—2-DVD Package (Delbos) 359.00
Ultrasound-Guided Nerve Blocks on DVD—Lower Limbs (Delbos) 194.00
Ultrasound-Guided Nerve Blocks on DVD—Upper Limbs (Delbos) 194.00
Ultrasound-Guided Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine (Bigeleisen) 138.00
Understanding Anesthesia Equipment, 5th edition (Dorsch) 158.00
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