Medical Science and Technology
Epidemiology • Bacteriology
Infectious and Rare Diseases • Virology

AIDS and Heart Disease (Watson) 228.95
AIDS and Tuberculosis: A Deadly Liaison (Stefan) 189.00
Allergic Diseases: Diagnosis and Treatment, 3rd edition (Lieberman) 123.00
Antibiotic Therapy for Geriatric Patients (Yoshikawa) 228.95
Antiviral Agents, Vaccines and Immunotherapies (Tyring) 228.95
Apicomplexan Parasites: Molecular Approaches toward Targeted Drug Development (Becker) 158.95
Atlas of Infectious Diseases of the Female Genital Tract (Sweet and Gibbs) 109.00
Atlas of the Clinical Microbiology of Infectious Diseases Volume 1: Bacterial Agents (Bottone) 138.95
Atlas of the Clinical Microbiology of Infectious Diseases Volume 2: Viral, Fungal and Parasitic Agents (Bottone) 99.95
Avian Influenza (Swayne) 148.95
Basic Virology, 3rd edition (Wagner) 99.00
Biodefense: Methodology and Animal Models (Swearengen) 158.95
Biofilms, Infection, and Antimicrobial Therapy (Pace) 178.95
Cachexia and Wasting: A Modern Approach (Mantovani) 298.00
Cell Death During HIV Infection (Badley) 168.95
Clinical Epidemiology: The Essentials, 4th edition (Fletcher) 44.95
Color Atlas of Infective Endocarditis (Ramsdale) 214.00
Combating the Threat of Pandemic Influenza: Drug Discovery Approaches (Torrence) 134.00
Dynamics of the Bacterial Chromosome (Schumann) 199.00
Emerging Infectious Diseases and the Threat to Occupational Health in the United States and Canada (Charney) 108.95
Encyclopedia of Infectious Diseases (Tibayrenc) 184.95
Epidemiology in Medicine (Hennekens) 69.95
Epstein-Barr Virus (Tselis) 228.95
Evidence-Based Infectious Diseases, 2nd edition (Loeb) 84.95
Fungal Infections in the Immunocompromised Patient (Wingard) 228.95
Gaucher Disease (Futerman) 178.95
Handbook of Listeria Monocytogenes (Liu) 168.95
Handbook of Meningococcal Disease: Infection Biology, Vaccination, Clinical Management (Frosch) 274.00
Handbook of Tuberculosis: Clinics, Diagnostics, Therapy and Epidemiology (Kaufmann) 179.00
Handbook of Tuberculosis: Immunology and Cell Biology (Kaufmann) 229.00
Handbook of Tuberculosis: Molecular Biology and Biochemistry (Kaufmann) 284.00
Handbook of Tuberculosis, 3-Volume Set (Kaufmann) 599.00
Hepatitis Prevention and Treatment (Colacino) 198.00
Herpes Simplex Viruses (Studahl) 228.95
High Yield Microbiology: Microbiology and Infections Diseases, 2nd edition (Hawley) 267.95
Hospital Infections, Bennett and Brachman's, 5th edition (Jarvis) 224.00
Infectious Disease Management in Animal Shelters (Miller) 73.95
Infectious Diseases, 3rd edition (Gorbach) 278.00
Infectious Diseases in Critical Care Medicine, 2nd edition (Cunha) 298.95
Infectious Diseases of the Female Genital Tract, 5th edition (Sweet) 138.00
Infectious Disease Surveillance (M'ikanatha) 178.95
Investigative Electrocardiography in Epidemiological Studies and Clinical Trials (Rautaharju) 214.00
Laboratory Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases: Essentials of Diagnostic Microbiology (Engelkirk) 84.95
Manual of Clinical Problems in Infectious Diseases, 5th edition (Gantz) 65.00
Mechanisms of Microbial Disease, Schaecter's, 4th edition (Engleberg) 69.95
Modern Epidemiology, 3rd edition (Rothman) 99.00
Molecular Epidemiology: Application in Cancer and Other Human Diseases (Rebbeck) 198.95
Molecular Epidemiology of Chronic Diseases (Wild) 129.00
Mycobacterium Bovis Infection in Animals and humans (Thoen) 129.95
New Treatment Strategies for Dengue and Other Flaviviral Diseases (Novartis) 178.95
Pediatric Nasal and Sinus Disorders (Sih) 248.95
Pharmacoepidemiology, 4th edition (Strom) 336.00
Principles and Practice of Clinical Bacteriology, 2nd edition (Gillespie) 399.00
Principles and Practice of Epidemiology: An Engaged Approach (Rossignol) 69.95
Psychiatric Aspects of HIV/AIDS (Fernandez) 69.95
Sepsis: New Insights, New Therapies (Novartis) 178.95
Severe Pneumonia (Niederman) 228.95
Sexually Transmitted Diseases, 4th edition (Holmes) 269.00
Simian Virology (Voevodin) 187.95
Sinusitis: From Microbiology to Management (Brook) 128.95
Tropical Lung Disease, 2nd edition (Sharma) 248.95
Tuberculosis and Nontuberculous Mycobacterial Infections, 5th edition (Schlossberg) 115.00
Viral Hepatitis (Hollinger) 138.00
Viral Hepatitis, 3rd edition (Thomas) 298.95
Virology, Field's, 2-volume set, 5th edition (Knipe) 378.00
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