Sensory Science • Flavorings • Fragrances

Advances in Flavours and Fragrances: From the Sensation to the Synthesis (Swift) 108.00
Alcoholic Beverages: Sensory Evaluation and Consumer Research (Piggott) 264.00
Allured's Flavor and Materials 2010 128.00
Analysis of Taste and Aroma (Jackson and Linskens) 278.00
Biology of Floral Scent (Dudareva) 153.95
Bioprocess Production of Flavor, Fragrance and Color Ingredients (Gabelman) 174.00
Biotechnology for Improved Foods and Flavors (Takeoka) 104.00
Biotechnology in Flavor Production (Havkin-Frenkel) 218.95
Carotenoid-Derived Aroma Compounds (Winterhalter and Rouseff) 276.00
Carotenoids Handbook (Britton et al) 168.00
Chemistry and Biology of Volatiles (Herrmann) 119.00
Chemistry and Technology of Flavours and Fragrances (Rowe) 168.95
Chemistry of Wine Flavor (Waterhouse) 69.00
Citrus Essential Oils: Flavor and Fragrance (Sawamura) 120.00
Coffee Flavor Chemistry (Flament) 419.00
Common Fragrance and Flavor Materials, 5th edition (Surburg) 199.00
Consumer Sensory Testing for Product Development (Resurreccion) 178.00
Current Topics in Flavor and Fragrance Research (Kraft) 144.00
Design and Analysis of Sensory Optimization (Gacula) 94.00
Dictionary of Flavors, 2nd edition (De Rovira) 249.00
Electronic Noses and Sensor Array Based Systems (Hurst) 188.95
Expectations in the Food Industry: The Impact of Color and Appearance (Hutchings) 137.00
Fenaroli's Handbook of Flavor Ingredients, 6th edition (Burdock) 416.00
Flavor and Fragrance Chemistry (Lanzotti and Taglialatela-Scafati) 177.00
Flavor Chemistry and Technology, 2nd edition (Reineccius) 183.95
Flavor Creation, 2nd edition (Wright) 148.00
Flavor, Fragrance, and Odor Analysis, 2nd edition (Marsili) 158.95
Flavor of Meat, Meat Products and Seafoods, 2nd edition (Shahidi) 258.00
Flavor Perception (Taylor) 248.95
Flavour in Food (Voilley) 278.95
Flavourings: Production • Composition • Applications • Regulations, 2nd edition (Ziegler) 349.00
Flavours and Fragrances: Chemistry, Bioprocessing and Sustainability (Berger) 188.00
Food Flavor and Chemistry: Explorations into the 21st Century (Spanier) 209.00
Food Flavorings 3rd Edition (Ashurst) 208.00
Food Flavors: Chemical, Sensory and Technological Proerties (Jelen) 168.95
Food Flavour Technology, 2nd edition (Taylor) 198.95
Food Oral Processing: Fundamentals of Eating and Sensory Perception (Chen) 198.95
Food Texture: Measurement and Perception (Rosenthal) 168.00
Fruit and Vegetable Flavor: Recent Advances and Future Trends (Bruckner) 258.95
Genetic Variation in Taste Sensitivity (Prescott and Tepper) 198.95
Guidelines for Sensory Analysis in Food Product Development and Quality Control 2nd edition (Carpenter) 198.00
Handbook of Flavor Characterization (Deibler and Delwiche) 218.95
Handbook of Flavors and Fragrances, 4th edition (Ash) 375.00
Handbook of Flavors and Fragrances, 4th edition CD-ROM—Single User (Ash) 375.00
Handbook of Flavors and Fragrances, 4th edition CD-ROM—network version 1-5 users (Ash) 875.00
Handbook of Fruit and Vegetable Flavors (Hui) 294.00
Handbook of Machine Olfaction: Electronic Nose Technology (Pearce, Schiffmann, Nagle, Gardner) 384.00
Handbook of Spices Seasonings and Flavorings, 2nd edition (Raghavan) 167.95
Handbook of Vanilla Science and Technology (Havkin-Frenkel) 198.95
Headspace Analysis of Foods and Flavors (Rouseff and Cadwallader) 194.00
Instrumentation and Sensors for the Food Industry (Kress-Rogers) 268.95
Magnetic Resonance in Food Science: The Multivariate Challenge (Englesen) 244.00
Maillard Reaction (Fayle and Gerrard) 98.00
Mass Spectra of Volatile Compounds in Food CD—2nd edition 1,849.00
Methods in Chemosensory Research (Simon) 148.95
Modifying Flavour in Food (Taylor) 288.95
Multivariate and Probabilistic Analyses of Sensory Science Problems (Meullenet) 198.00
Multivariate Data Analysis in Sensory and Consumer Science (Dijksterhuis) 118.95
Natural Food Additives, Ingredients and Flavourings (Baines) 264.00
Natural Food Flavors and Colorants (Attokaran) 228.95
Nonparametrics for Sensory Science (Rayner) 188.95
Odors in the Food Industry (Nicolay) 148.00
Optimizing Sweet Taste in Foods (Spillane) 268.95
Perfume and Flavor Materials of Natural Origin (Arctander) 348.00
Perspectives in Flavor and Fragrance Research (Kraft and Swift) 169.00
Practical Analysis of Flavor and Fragrance Materials (Goodner) 178.95
Psychological Basis of Perfumery, 4th edition (Jellinek) 328.00
Reducing Salt in Foods: Practical Strategies (Kilcast) 278.95
Scent and Chemistry: The Molecular World of Odors (Ohloff) 104.00
Sensory Directed Flavor Analysis (Marsili) 225.95
Sensory Discrimination Tests and Measurements: Statistical Principles, Procedures and Tables (Bi) 228.95
Sensory Evaluation: A Practical Handbook (Kemp) 93.95
Sensory Evaluation of Dairy Products, 2nd edition (Clark) 88.95
Sensory Evaluation of Food (Lawless) 98.00
Source Book of Flavors (Reineccius) 294.00
Statistics for Sensory and Consumer Science (Næs) 139.00
Taints and Off-Flavours in Food (Baigrie) 238.95
Tasting and Smelling (Beauchamp) 154.00
Terpenes: Flavor, Fragrances, Pharmaca, Pheromones (Breitmaier) 78.00
Understanding Fragrance Chemistry (Sell) 129.00
Understanding Fragrance Chemistry Workbook and Study Guide (Sell) 39.00
Understanding Natural Flavors (Piggott) 198.00
Viewpoints and Controversies in Sensory Science and Consumer Product Testing (Moskowitz) 178.95
Volatile Compounds in Foods and Beverages (Maarse) 308.95
Wine Flavour Chemistry (Clarke and Bakker) 228.95
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