Lipids, Oils, and Fats

Advanced Research on Plant Lipids (Murata) 208.00
Advances in Deep Fat Frying of Foods (Sahin) 197.95
Advances in Lipid Methodology Volume 5 (Adlof) 239.00
Advances in Prostaglandin, Leukotriene, and Other Bioactive Lipid Research (Yazici) 138.00
Analyis of Lipid Oxidation (Kamal-Eldin) 198.95
Application of Fats in Confectionery (Talbot) 175.00
Batters and Breadings in Food Processing, 2nd edition (Kulp) 198.00
Bioactive Lipids (Nicolaou) 219.00
Biocontrol of Oilseed Rape Pests (Alford) 242.00
Bleaching and Purifying Fats and Oils, 2nd edition (List) 204.00
Breaded Fried Foods (Mallikarjunan) 153.95
Chemical and Functional Properties of Food Lipids (Sikorski) 198.95
Chemistry of Oils and Fats: Sources, Composition, Properties, and Uses (Gunstone) 178.95
Confectionery Fats Handbook: Properties, Production and Application (Timms) 244.00
Cosmetic Lipids and the Skin Barrier (Förster) 248.95
Crystallization Processes in Fats and Lipid Systems (Garti and Sato) 246.95
Dairy Fats and Related Products (Tamime) 228.95
Digestibility and Amino Acid Availability in Cereals and Oilseeds (Finley) 99.00
Edible Oil Processing, 2nd edition (Hamm) 198.95
Essential Oils: Analysis by Capillary Gas Chromatography and Carbon 13 NMR Spectroscopy, 2nd edition (Kubeczka) 489.00
Fats and Oils (Stauffer) 79.00
Fats and Oils: Formulating and Processing for Applications, 3rd edition (O'Brien) 171.95
Fats in Food Technology, Second edition (Rajah) 198.95
Fatty Acids and Lipotoxicity in Obesity and Diabetes (Novartis Foundation) 158.00
Fatty Acids in Foods and Their Health Implications 3rd edition (Chow) 178.95
Fish Oils (Rossell) 188.95
Flax: The Genus Linum (Muir and Westcott) 128.95
Food Lipids: Chemistry, Nutrition, and Biotechnology, 3rd edition (Akoh and Min) 248.95
Frying: Improving Quality (Rossell) 298.95
Frying of Food: Oxidation, Nutrient and Non-Nutrient Antioxidants, Biologically Active Compounds and High Temperatures (Boskou) 198.95
Functional Properties of Proteins and Lipids (Whitaker) 144.00
Gourmet and Health-Promoting Specialty Oils (Moreau) 168.95
Handbook of Fat Replacers (Roller) 218.95
Handbook of Food Products Manufacturing: Principles, Bakery, Beverages, Cereals, Cheese, Confectionery, Fats, Fruits, and Functional Foods (Hui) 297.95
Handbook of Functional Lipids (Akoh) 178.95
Healthful Lipids (Akoh) 218.95
Identification of Essential Oil Components by Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (Adams) 298.00
Improving the Fat Content of Foods (Williams and Buttriss) 298.95
Industrial Uses of Vegetable Oils (Ehran) 98.95
Lipid Analysis: Isolation, Separation, Identification and Lipidomic Analysis, 4th edition (Christie) 244.00
Lipid Biochemistry 5th edition (Gurr/Harwood/Frayn) 103.95
Lipid Biotechnology (Kuo and Gardner) 258.95
Lipid Metabolism and Health (Moffatt) 128.95
Lipid Oxidation, 2nd edition (Frankel) 254.00
Lipids and Essential Oils as Antimicrobial Agents (Thormar) 144.00
Lipids for Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals (Gunstone) 229.00
Lipids: Structure, Physical Properties and Functionality (Larsson) 219.00
Lipid Synthesis and Manufacture (Gunstone) 178.95
Lipid Technologies and Applications (Gunstone) 278.95
Long-Chain Omega-3 Specialty Oils (Breivik) 219.00
Modifying Lipids for Use in Foods (Gunstone) 298.95
Nutraceutical and Specialty Lipids and Their Coproducts (Shahidi) 198.95
Oil Palm, 4th edition (Corley) 314.00
Oils and Fats Authentication (Jee) 168.95
Oils and Fats in the Food Industry (Gunstone) 69.95
Oilseed Crops, 2nd edition (Weiss) 231.95
Oleochemical Manufacture and Applications (Gunstone) 178.95
Olive Oil: Minor Constituents and Health (Boskou) 128.95
Phospholipids Handbook (Cevc) 318.95
Phospholipid Technology and Applications (Gunstone) 209.00
Physical Properties of Lipids (Marangoni) 198.95
Practical Guide to Vegetable Oil Processing (Gupta) 134.00
Rancidity in Foods (Allen) 258.00
Reducing Saturated Fats in Foods (Talbot) 244.00
Structure and Properties of Fat Crystal Networks, 2nd edition (Marangoni) 138.95
Structured and Modified Lipids (Gunstone) 248.95
Trans Fats Alternatives (Kodali) 74.95
Trans Fatty Acids (Dijkstra) 208.95
Trans Fatty Acids in Human Nutrition, 2nd edition (Destaillats) 244.00
Vegetable Oils in Food Technology (Gunstone) 204.00
Volatile Oil Crops (Hay) 149.95
World Oilseeds (Salunkhe) 178.00
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