Quality Assurance and ISO
in Food Technology

Applications of Vibrational Spectroscopy in Food Science, 2-Volume Set (Li-Chan) 359.00
Chemical Migration and Food Contact Materials (Barnes) 218.00
Cleaning-in-Place: Dairy, Food and Beverage Operations, 3rd edition (Tamime) 228.95
Crisis Management in the Foods and Drinks Industry: A Practical Approach, 2nd edition (Doeg) 108.00
Crystallization in Foods (Hartel) 238.00
Emerging Technologies for Food Quality and Food Safety Evaluation (Cho) 158.95
Food Authentication Using Bioorganic Molecules (Sforza) 149.00
Food Chain Integrity: A Holistic Approach to Food Traceability, Safety, Quality and Authenticity (Hoorfar) 229.00
Food Industry Quality Control Systems (Clute) 148.95
Food Quality Assurance: Principles and Practices (Alli) 83.95
Food Quality, Nutrition and Health (Grimme/Dumontet) 59.00
Fortified Foods with Vitamins: Analytical Concepts to Assure Better and Safer Products (Rychlik) 134.00
Genetically Modified and Non-Genetically Modified Food Supply Chains: Co-Existence and Traceability (Bertheau) 234.00
Guidelines for Sensory Analysis in Food Product Development and Quality Control 2nd edition (Carpenter) 198.00
HACCP and ISO 22000: Application to Foods of Animal Origin (Arvanitoyannis) 248.95
Handbook of Lean Manufacturing in the Food Industry (Dudbridge) 73.95
Handbook of Meat, Poultry and Seafood Quality (Nollett) 278.95
Improving Import Food Safety (Ellefson) 198.95
Improving Traceability in Food Processing and Distribution (Smith) 218.95
Measurement and Control in Food Processing (Bhuyan) 183.95
Milk Quality (Harding) 150.00
Molecular Approaches to Improving Food Quality and Safety (Bhatnagar and Cleveland) 134.00
Nondestructive Food Evaluation: Techniques to Analyze Properties and Quality (Gunasekaran) 198.95
Nondestructive Testing of Food Quality (Irudayaraj) 183.95
Oxidation in Foods and Beverages and Antioxidant Applications Volume 1: Understanding Mechanisms of Oxidation and Antioxidant Activity (Decker) 244.00
Oxidation in Foods and Beverages and Antioxidant Applications Volume 2: Management in Different Industry Secors (Decker) 254.00
Processing Foods: Quality Optimization and Process Assessment (Oliveira) 183.95
Quality Assurance for the Food Industry (Vasconcellos) 178.95
Quality Control for Foods and Agricultural Products (Multon) 248.50
Quality in Frozen Food (Erickson) 149.00
Quality in the Food Analysis Laboratory (Wood) 131.00
Quality Management in Food Chains (Theuvsen) 126.00
Quality of Fresh and Processed Foods (Shahidi) 164.00
Rapid and On-Line Instrumentation for Food Quality Assurance (Tothill) 268.95
Rapid Food Analysis and Hygiene Monitoring: kitz, Instruments and Systems (Raugel) 498.00
Rapid Methods for Food and Feed Quality Determination (Van Amerongen) 134.00
Safety and Quality Issues in Fish Processing (Bremner) 288.95
Sous Vide and Cook Chill Processing for the Food Industry (Ghazala) 189.00
Statistical Quality Control for Food Industry 3rd edition (Hubbard) 148.00
Tracing Pathogens in the Food Chain (Brul) 269.00
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