Functional Food Technology
and Phytochemistry

Analysis of Antioxidant-Rich Phytochemicals (Xu) 198.95
Anti-Angiogenic Functional and Medicinal Foods (Losso)178.95
Antioxidants in Diabetes Management (Packer et al) 158.95
Antioxidants in Food (Pokorny) 288.95
Antioxidants in Muscle Foods (Decker) 164.00
Antioxidant Status, Diet, Nutrition, and Health (Papas) 158.95
Applications of Chitin and Chitosan (Goosen) 258.95
Asian Foods: Science and Technology (Ang) 183.95
Asian Functional Foods (Shi, Shahidi, Ho) 172.95
Bioactive Components of Milk (Bosze) 139.00
Bioactive Foods and Extracts: Cancer Treatment and Prevention (Watson) 168.95
Bioactive Heterocycles VII: Flavonoids and Anthocyanins in Plants, and Latest Bioactive Heterocycles II (Motohashi) 298.00
Bioactive Peptides: Applications for Improving Nutrition and Health (Owusu-Apenten) 168.95
Bioactive Proteins and Peptides as Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals (Mine) 218.95
Bioactives in Fruit: Health Benefits and Functional Foods (Skinner) 198.95
Bio-Nanotechnology: A Revolution in Food, Biomedical and Health Sciences (Bagchi) 298.95
Bioprocesses and Biotechnology for Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals (Neeser and German) 198.95
Biotechnology for Improved Foods and Flavors (Takeoka) 104.00
Biotechnology in Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals (Bagchi) 148.95
Carcinogenic and Anticarcinogenic Food Components (Baer-Dubowska) 148.95
Cereals and Pulses: Nutraceutical Properties and Health Benefits (Yu) 198.95
Chemistry and Applications of Green Tea (Yamamoto) 73.95
Chemoprevention of Cancer and DNA Damage by Dietary Factors (Knasmuller) 215.00
Chinese and Related North American Herbs: Phytopharmacology and Therapeutic Values (Thomas Li) 188.95
Chitin, Chitosan, Oligosaccharides and Their Derivatives: Biological Activities and Applications (Kim) 188.95
Cinnamon and Cassia: The Genus Cinnamomum (Ravindran/Nirmal-Babu/Shylaja) 128.95
Dairy-Derived Ingredients: Food and Nutraceutical Uses (Corredig) 268.95
Delivery and Controlled Release of Bioactives in Foods and Nutraceuticals (Garti) 278.95
Designing Functional Foods: Measuring and Controlling Food Structure Breakdown and Nutrient Absorption (McClements) 279.95
Dictionary of Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods (Eskin and Tamir) 88.95
Dietary Supplements and Functional Foods (Webb) 82.95
Dried Fruits: Phytochemicals and Health Effects (Alasalvar) 198.95
Encapsulation Technologies and Delivery Systems for Food Ingredients and Nutraceuticals (Garti) 304.00
Essentials of Functional Foods (Schmidl) 168.00
Flavonoid Metabolism (Stafford) 358.95
Flavonoids: Chemistry, Biochemistry and Applications (Andersen) 258.95
Flavonoids in Health and Disease (Rice-Evans and Packer) 218.95
Food Antioxidants: Technological, Toxicological, and Health Perspectives (Madhavi/Deshpande/Salunkhe) 238.95
Food Fortification and Supplementation: Technological, Safety and Regulatory Aspects (Ottaway) 238.95
Fortified Foods with Vitamins: Analytical Concepts to Assure Better and Safer Products (Rychlik) 134.00
Fruit and Cereal Bioactives: Sources, Chemistry, and Applications (Tokuşoğlu) 168.95
Fruit and Vegetable Phytochemicals: Chemistry, Nutritional Value and Stability (de la Rosa) 198.95
Functional Dairy Products (Mattila-Sandholm and Saarela) 288.95
Functional Dairy Products, Volume 2 (Saarela) 298.95
Functional Food Carbohydrates (Biliaderis) 148.95
Functional Food Ingredients and Nutraceuticals: Processing Technologies (Shi) 158.95
Functional Food Product Development (Smith) 209.00
Functional Food: Safety Aspects (Senate Commission on Food Safety SKLM) 174.00
Functional Foods, Ageing and Degenerative Disease (Remacle and Reusens) 318.95
Functional Foods and Biotechnology (Shetty) 158.95
Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals in Cancer Prevention (Watson) 168.95
Functional Foods: Biochemical and Processing Aspects (Mazza) 168.95
Functional Foods: Biochemical and Processing Aspects Volume 2 (Shi/Mazza/Le Maguer) 183.95
Functional Foods, Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes (Arnoldi) 298.95
Functional Foods: Concept to Product, 2nd edition (Saarela) 279.00
Functional Foods, Nutraceuticals, and Degenerative Disease Prevention (Paliyath) 198.95
Functional Foods of the East (Shi) 168.95
Functional Foods: Principles and Technology (Guo) 244.00
Functional Ingredients from Algae for Foods and Nutraceuticals (Dominguez) 329.00
Functionalizing Carbohydrates for Food Applications (Embuscado) 172.00
Genetically Engineered Food: Methods and Detection, 2nd edition (Heller) 174.00
Genomics, Proteomics and Metabolomics in Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods (Bagchi) 188.95
Green Tea: Health Benefits and Applications (Hara) 178.95
Gut Flora, Nutrition, Immunity, and Health (Fuller) 199.95
Handbook of Analysis of Active Compounds in Functional Foods (Nollet) 188.95
Handbook of Antioxidants 2nd edition (Cadenas and Packer) 238.95
Handbook of Fermented Functional Foods, 2nd edition (Farnworth) 166.95
Handbook of Food Products Manufacturing: Principles, Bakery, Beverages, Cereals, Cheese, Confectionery, Fats, Fruits, and Functional Foods (Hui) 297.95
Handbook of Functional Dairy Products (Shortt) 178.95
Handbook of Functional Lipids (Akoh) 178.95
Handbook of Medicinal Mints (Aromathematics): Phytochemicals and Biological Activities (Duke) 148.95
Handbook of Medicinal Spices (Duke) 138.95
Handbook of Natural Flavonoids Two-Volume Set (Harborne and Baxter) 1,684.00
Handbook of Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods, 2nd edition (Wildman) 158.95
Handbook of Nutraceuticals, Volume 1: Ingredients, Formulations and Applications (Pathak) 148.95
Handbook of Plant Food Phytochemicals: Sources, Stability and Extraction (Tiwari) 198.95
Handbook of Prebiotics (Gibson) 148.95
Handbook of Prebiotics and Probiotics Ingredients: Health Benefits and Food Applications (Cho) 163.95
Herbs, Botanicals, and Teas (Mazza) 168.95
Innovation in Healthy and Functional Foods (Ghosh) 139.95
Inulin-Type Fructans: Functional Food Ingredients (Roberfroid) 138.95
Lipids for Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals (Gunstone) 229.00
Marine Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods (Barrow) 158.00
Marine Nutraceuticals: Prospects and Perspectives (Kim) 168.95
Marine Products for Healthcare: Functional and Bioactive Nutraceutical Compounds from the Ocean (Venugopal) 169.95
Marine Proteins and Peptides: Biological Activities and Applications (Kim) 248.95
Material Science of Chitin and Chitosan (Uragami) 238.00
Medical Foods from Natural Sources (Kaur) 128.00
Medicinal Plants: Culture, Utilization, and Phytopharmacology (Li) 198.95
Methods of Analysis for Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals, 2nd edition (Hurst) 148.95
Methods of Analysis of Food Components and Additives (Otles) 188.95
Microbial Production of Food Ingredients, Enzymes and Nutraceuticals (McNeil) 324.00
Mushrooms as Functional Foods (Cheung) 88.95
Natural Colorants for Food and Nutraceutical Uses (Delgado-Vargas and Paredes-López 188.95
Natural Food Antimicrobial Systems (Naidu) 198.95
Naturally Occurring Glycosides (Ikan) 579.00
Natural Products from Plants, 2nd edition (Cseke) 158.95
Nondigestible Carbohydrates and Digestive Health (Paeschke) 198.95
Novel Food Ingredients for Weight Control (Henry)238.95
Nutraceutical and Specialty Lipids and Their Coproducts (Shahidi) 198.95
Nutraceutical Proteins and Peptides in Health and Disease (Mine) 168.95
Nutraceuticals: Designer Foods III—Soy Garlic Licorice (Lachance) 131.95
Nutrigenomics and Proteomics in Health and Disease: Food Factors and Gene Interactions (Mine) 234.00
Nutrition and Cancer Prevention (AICR) 152.00
Performance Functional Foods (Watson) 238.95
Phenolics in Food and Nutraceuticals (Shahidi and Naczk) 178.95
Phytochemical Functional Foods (Johnson and Williamson) 268.95
Phytochemicals: Health Promotion and Therapeutic Potential (Carkeet) 124.00
Phytochemical Signals and Plant-Microbe Interactions (Romeo) 153.00
Phytochemicals: Nutrient-Gene Interactions (Meskin et al) 138.95
Phytoestrogens in Functional Foods (Yildiz) 198.95
Phytonutrients (Salter) 148.95
Phytopharmaceuticals in Cancer Chemoprevention (Bagchi/Preuss) 148.95
Phytosterols as Functional Food Components and Nutraceuticals (Dutta) 198.95
Plant Phenolics and Human Health: Biochemistry, Nutrition, and Pharmacology (Fraga) 124.95
Plant Secondary Metabolites: Occurrence, Structure and Role in the Human Diet (Crozier) 209.00
Polyphenols, Wine and Health (Cheze, Vercauteren, Verpoorte) 178.00
Prebiotics and Probiotics Ingredients Handbook, 2nd edition (Jardine) 157.95
Prebiotics: Development and Applications (Gibson) 194.00
Probiotics and Health Claims (Kneifel) 198.95
Probiotics in Food Safety and Human Health (Goktepe) 168.95
Recent Advances in Polyphenol Research Volume 1 (Daayf) 248.95
Regulation of Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals (Hasler) 244.00
Science of Flavonoids (Grotewold) 178.00
Science, Society, and the Supermarket: The Opportunities and Challenges of Nutrigenomics (Castle) 72.95
Separation, Extraction and Concentration Processes in the Food, Beverage and Nutraceutical Industries (Rizvi) 279.00
Soy Protein and Formulated Meat Products (Hoogenkamp) 128.00
Supercritical Fluid Extraction of Nutraceuticals and Bioactive Compounds (Martinez) 143.95
Teas, Cocoa and Coffee: Plant Secondary Metabolites and Health (Crozier) 198.95
Technology of Functional Cereal Products (Hamaker) 268.95
Thin Layer Chromatography in Phytochemistry (Waksmundzka-Hajnos) 198.95
Vegetables Fruits and Herbs in Health Promotion (Watson) 168.95
Vitamins in Foods: Analysis, Bioavailability, and Stability (Ball) 198.95
Weight Control and Slimming Ingredients in Food Technology (ho) 209.00
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