Wastewater Disposal Handbook from C.H.I.P.S.

Sludge Engineering
The Treatment and Disposal of Wastewater Sludges
edited by F. Dilek Sanin

Sludge Engineering clearly explains the theory and quantitative rationale for treating wastewater and industrial sludges, with public safety and efficiency in mind. It presents the necessary calculations as well as sample design alternatives for each process in sludge handling.

US and European regulations that govern current technologies are carefully laid out. The book offers important information on emerging practices for safe and legal sludge disposal. Numerous case studies and sample problems are included for the benefit of instructors and students.


  • Comprehensive explanation of sludge theory and engineering design
  • Covers US and European disposal regulations and practices
  • Includes design examples and solved problems


1. Sludge Sources, Quantitites, and Management

  • Sludge Sources
  • Sludge Quantities
  • Rationale of Sludge Management in a Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Sludge Disposal: Laws and Regulations
  • Sludge Disposal: Sustainability

2. Sludge Characteristics

  • Physical Characteristics of Sludge
  • Chemical Characteristics of Sludge
  • Biological Characteristics of Sludge

3. Sludge Stabilization

  • Stability Parameters
  • Biological Stabilization of Sludge
  • Chemical Stabilization
  • Physical Stabilization

4. Sludge Pumping and Conveying

  • Liquid Sludge Pumping
  • Dewatered Sludge Pumping and Conveying
  • Dried Sludge Conveying
  • In-line Measurement of Sludge Density

5. Sludge Thickening

  • Gravitational Thickening
  • Flotation Thickening
  • Gravity Belt Thickening
  • Other Methods of Thickening

6. Sludge Dewatering

  • Sand Beds
  • Lagoons
  • Wedge Wire Beds
  • Freezing Beds
  • Vacuum Filters
  • Filter Presses
  • Belt Filters
  • Centrifuges
  • Limits of Dewatering

7. Sludge Conditioning

  • Chemical Conditioning
  • Heat Conditioning
  • Elutriation
  • Freeze-Thaw Conditioning
  • Bulking Materials

8. Sludge Drying and Combustion

  • Sludge Drying
  • Sludge Combustion
  • Alternative Thermal Technologies

9. Chemical Sludges

  • Chemical Treatment of Wastewater
  • Alum Sludge from Water Treatment Plants
  • Iron Sludges from Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Lime and Water Softening Sludges
  • Metal Hydroxides
  • Ultimate Disposal of Industrial Sludges

10. Land Disposal of Sludge as Biosolids

  • Benefits of Sludge Disposal on Land
  • Land Application of Biosolids
  • Calculating Land Area Requirements for Biosolids
  • Application Methods for Liquid and Dewatered Biosolids

11. Other Options for Sludge Disposal and Beneficial Use

  • Pyrolysis and Gasification
  • Oil from Sludge
  • Building Materials from Sludge
  • Deep Well Injection
  • Disposal into the Marine Environment
  • Disposal of Sludge into Landfills

12. Regulations Governing Sludge Disposal

  • Regulations Governing Sludge Disposal on Land in the United States
  • Review of Regulations and Potential Health Concerns with Sludge Land Application
  • Future Trends in Land Application Regulations
  • Regulations in Europe


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Sludge Engineering
The Treatment and Disposal of Wastewater Sludges
edited by F. Dilek Sanin

2010 • 403 pages • $174.00 + shipping
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