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Soil Erosion
Processes, Prediction, Measurement, and Control
by Terrence J. Toy, George R. Foster, Kenneth G. Renard

A thorough look at physical properties of soil erosion Soil Erosion provides complete coverage of the physical causes, processes, and effects of this environmental problem from its origins to planning for future conservation and remediation.

This book focuses on the process of soil erosion and erosion-control principles independent of land use. Coverage includes:

  • the primary factors that influence soil erosion
  • various types of erosion
  • erosion-prediction technology
  • erosion measurements
  • erosion and sediment control
  • and conservation of the land

Practical material on erosion models is featured along with ways to use these models as erosion-control tools. Details of conservation planning and government policy are presented in a historical context, supported by examples of working public programs and technical tools for conservation planning.

End-of-chapter summaries and comprehensive appendices on soils, hydrology, and soil-erosion Web sites make this a complete and easy-to-use introduction to soil-erosion processes, prediction, measurement, and control. the book is supplemented with more than 100 photographs, drawings, and tables.


  1. Introduction

    • Physical and Economic Significance of Erosion
    • Social Significance of Erosion
    • Soil-Erosion Research
    • Terminology of Erosion
    • Development of Landscapes: A Context for Erosion

  2. Primary Factors Influencing Soil Erosion

    • Water Erosion
    • Wind Erosion
    • Integrated Site Perspective

  3. Types of Erosion

    • Water Erosion
    • Wind Erosion
    • Links between Wind and Water Erosion
    • Mechanical Movement of Soil

  4. Erosion Processes

    • Basic Principles Common to Water and Wind Erosion
    • Water Erosion
    • Wind Erosion

  5. Erosion-Prediction Technology

    • Fundamentals of Erosion-Prediction Technology
    • Elements of Erosion-Model Mathematics
    • Types of Mathematical Erosion Models
    • Other Types of Erosion Models
    • Steps in Developing an Erosion Model
    • Choosing a Model
    • Sensitivity Analysis

  6. Erosion Measurement

    • Reasons to Measure Erosion
    • Types of Erosion Measurement
    • Erosion-Measurement Practices
    • Selected Measurement Techniques
    • Evaluation of Erosion Measurement

  7. Erosion and Sediment Control

    • Principles of Erosion and Sediment Control
    • Examples of Water-Erosion-Control Practices
    • Control of Concentrated-Flow Erosion
    • Sediment Control
    • Wind-Erosion Control

  8. Land Conservation

    • Public Conservation Programs
    • Conservation Planning
    • Technical Tools for Conservation Planning
    • Local Soil Conservation Planning for On-Site Erosion and Sediment Control
    • Conservation Planning by Governmental Units
    • Lessons from the U.S. Conservation Movement

  9. Perspectives and the Future

    • Essential Lessons
    • Future for Soil Conservation


  1. Soils: Soil Properties. Sediment Properties. Sources of Information.
  2. Hydrology: Precipitation Process. Water Storage. Infiltration Process. Runoff Process. Evaporation and Transpiration Processes.
  3. Soil Erosion Web Sites


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Soil Erosion
Processes, Prediction, Measurement, and Control
by Terrence J. Toy, George R. Foster, Kenneth G. Renard

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