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Solving Tribology Problems in Rotating Machines
by H. Prashad

Solving Tribology Problems in Rotating Machines will be an essential reference for people involved in the design and operation of rotating machines in sectors such as power generation, the steel industry and electrical and automotive engineering.


Reliability Analysis of Rolling-Element Bearings

  • Detection of Bearing Malfunction and Determination of Defect Frequencies
  • Resonant Frequencies
  • Experimental Procedure
  • Instrumentation Details and Techniques
  • Determination of Defect Frequencies and Energy Levels

Functional Performance of Rolling-Element Bearings for Acceptance in Routine Applications

  • Bearing Test Philosophy
  • Bearing Test Machine
  • Experimental Procedure
  • Data Deduction
  • Results and Discussion
  • Overall Vibration Levels of Bearings
  • Predicted Life of Bearings
  • Comparison of Performance of Bearings

Cage and Roller Slip of Rolling-Element Bearings

  • Characteristic Defect Frequencies
  • Experimental Procedure
  • Spectral Analysis Technique
  • Determination of Defect Frequencies and Energy Levels
  • Results and Discussion
  • Comparison of Bearings

Diagnosis and Cause Analysis of Rolling-Element Bearings Failure in Electric Power Equipment

  • Bearing Arrangement and Nature of Bearing Failure
  • Investigations, Observation of Failures and Data Collection

Localized Electrical Current in Rolling-Element Bearings

  • Bearing Arrangement and the Nature of Bearing Failure
  • Investigations, Observations and Data Collection
  • Theoretical Model and Approach to Determine the Flow of Localized Current in a Bearing
  • Field Strength on Track Surfaces of Races and Rolling-Elements
  • Magnetic Flux Density
  • Determination of Time Span for the Appearance of Flutes on Track Surfaces

Response and Performance of a Rolling-Element Bearing Under the Influence of an Electric Current

  • Behaviour of Grease in Non-Insulated Bearings
  • Effect of Current on Formation of Corrugated Patterns on the Roller Track of Races of Roller Bearings
  • Effect of Current Leakage on Electro-Adhesion Forces in Rolling Friction and Magnetic Flux Density Distribution on Bearing Surfaces
  • Effect of Operating Parameters on the Threshold Voltages and Impedance Response of Non-Insulated Rolling-Element Bearings
  • Impedance, Capacitance and Charge Accumulation on Roller Bearings
  • Contact Temperature, Contact Stresses and Slip Bands Initiation on Roller Track of Races
  • Effects of Instantaneous Charge Leakage on Roller Tracks of Roller Bearings Lubricated with High-Resistivity Lubricants
  • Capacitive Effects of Roller Bearings on Repeated Starts and Stops of a Machine
  • Mechanism of Bearing Failures

Effect of Oil Grades and Clearance Ratios on the Reliability of Cylindrical Hydrodynamic Bearings

  • Theoretical
  • Evaluation of Viscosity Coefficients
  • Determination of Viscosity Integral
  • Assessment of Bearing Performance
  • Effect of Oil Grades on Temperature Rise and Safe Load-Carrying Capacity of Bearings
  • Bearing Turbulence and Transition Speed

Spherical Seating of Hydrodynamic Journal Bearings

  • Theoretical Basis of the Simplified Design Methodology
  • Evaluation of Minimum Values of Constant of Moment of Friction and Optimum Values of the Design Parameters of Spherical Seating
  • Functional Nomographs for Evaluation of Optimum Values for Spherical Seating Design Parameters
  • Guidelines for Choosing the Optimum Values for Spherical Seating Design Parameters

Life Estimation of Turbine Oils: A Methodology and Criterion for Accpetance or Rejection

  • Experimental Investigations
  • Data Deduction

Axial Force on Motor Bearings: A Tool For Performance Evaluation

  • Axial Force Measurement Technique
  • Experimental Determination of Axial Force

An Analysis of the Progressive Increase in Vibration of a Large Synchronous Electric Motor

  • Possible Sources of Vibration
  • Diagnosis of Causes of Vibration
  • System Design, Bearing Assembly and Characteristic Features of the Synchronous Motor Under Investigation
  • Investigations and Analysis

A Study of the Causes of Failure of Rolling-Element Bearings in Alternators

  • Design Features of the Alternators
  • The Nature of Bearing Failure
  • Data Collection and Investigations
  • Causes of Shaft Voltage and Flow of Current Through Bearings

The Diagnosis of the Cause of a Bearing Problem in a Synchronous Condenser

  • Technical Details of the Synchronous Condenser
  • Experimental Procedure
  • Measurement Obtained
  • Theoretical
  • Comparison of Theoretical and Experimental Data

The Cause of Noise at the Top Bearings of Vertical Pump-Motor Sets

  • Sump Layout and Construction
  • System Layout
  • System Behaviour
  • Factors Causing the Unusual System Behaviour
  • Vibration Spectra and Analysis
  • Results and Discussion
  • Design of the Bearing Used and its Significance
  • Explanation of the Cause of Noise at the Motor Top Bearing

Modifications to the Design and Bearings of Horizontal Axis Windmills Used for Pumping Water, to Achieve Trouble-free, Reliable Operation

  • Design Features
  • Operational Philosophy
  • Transmission System
  • Bearings and Performance of the Reciprocating Pump

Magnetic Suspension Bearings for AC Energy Meters

  • Design Considerations
  • Mechanical Requirements
  • Typical Construction
  • Frictional Torque Studies

A New Generation of Rolling-Element Bearing with an Outline of its Performance Advantages

  • Basic Concept and Principle of Operation of DDHPB
  • Theoretical Analysis
  • Theory Behind Performance Evaluation of Bearings
  • Design and Test Conditions of DDHPB
  • Bearing Test Set-up and Experimental Details for Testing DDHPB vis-a-vis Conventional Bearings


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Solving Tribology Problems in Rotating Machines
by H. Prashad
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