Specialty Chemicals: Electronic
Source Book CD-ROM
Specialty Chemicals
2-Volume Set

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Specialty Chemicals
Source Book
Two-Volume Set
Fourth Edition
by Michael Ash

It is essential for those involved in the production and distribution of specialty chemicals to have ready access to a reference that contains integrated information on these chemicals, their properties, functional and application market sectors, manufacturers and distributors.

Specialty Chemicals has been extensively revised and expanded and now contains approximately 18,000 monographs on this group of chemicals with 70,000 cross-referenced chemical synonyms, and more than 60,000 trade name equivalents.

Data from technical specification sheets, brochures, and MSDS from over 4,400 chemical manufacturers and their branches are collected, processed, and updated on a continuous basis.

This research has yielded comprehensive profiles on the generic chemicals contained in this reference and are currently used in a variety of formulated end products.

Specialty Chemicals profiles these chemicals, lists and fully cross-references their chemical and trade name synonyms, and presents full contact information for their generic and trade name chemical manufacturers (including email and internet addresses).


Specialty Chemical Monographs contains more than 18,000 specialty chemical entries.
Each entry contains information including the following categories:

  • CAS (Chemical Abstract Service)
  • EINECS/ELINCS (European Inventory of Existing Commercial Chemical Substances/European List of Notified Chemical Substances)
  • UN/DOT reference numbers
  • classification
  • definition
  • chemical synonyms
  • trade name synonyms (including manufacturers)
  • empirical and molecular formulas
  • properties
  • toxicology
  • precautions
  • storage
  • uses
  • use level
  • regulatory details
  • manufacturers and distributors
All generic chemical synonyms and trade name synonyms are cross-referenced back to the main entry.

Function/Application Index is a powerful tool for locating chemicals based on functions and industrial application areas.

By searching for functional key words such as catalyst, moisture scavenger, plasticizer or application key words, such as inks, coatings, elastomers, thermoplastic resins, the user is directed to the appropriate specialty chemical monographs.

Manufacturers Directory contains detailed contact information for the more than 4400 manufacturers of the trade name products and generic chemicals that are referenced in this source book.

Wherever possible, telephone, telefax, toll-free 800 numbers, Email and Internet addresses, and complete mailing addresses are included for each manufacturer.

CAS Registry Number Index


Chemical Formula Index

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Specialty Chemicals: Electronic
Source Book CD-ROM
Specialty Chemicals

Specialty Chemicals
Electronic Source Book
Fourth Edition
by Michael Ash


  • Print your search results
  • Click and go Table of Contents
  • Seamlessly connect to other titles in the Synapse Chemical Library
  • Use full-text search with simple and advanced features
  • Browse through one comprehensive index and 17 additional specialized indexes that scroll as you type
  • View a pop-up before you jump to a hyperlinked topic
  • Built-in Web browser

Specialty Chemical Monographs

  • Full-text Search with Boolean operator support
  • Keyword Indexes: Comprehensive Index, Trade Name X-Ref, Chemical Monographs & Synonyms Dir., Manufacturers Dir., Manufacturers X-Ref, CAS X-Ref, EINECS/ELINCS X-Ref,
  • Functional/Applications X-Ref, Environmental X-Ref, Toxicity, Precautions & Storage X-Ref,
  • CAS-to-Chemicals Dir., Chemicals-to-CAS Dir., EINECS/ELINCS-to-Chemicals Dir.,
  • Chemicals-to-EINECS/ELINCS Dir., Molecular Formula Dir., Mfg's Web & Email
  • Hyperlinking: Trade name and generic chemical manufacturers to Manufacturers Directory and Manufacturer Web sites
Function/Application Index
  • Full-text Search with Boolean operator support
  • Hyperlinking: Generics to Generic Chemical section
Manufacturers Directory
  • Full-text Search with Boolean operator support
  • Keyword Indexes: Comprehensive Index, Manufacturers Dir, Manufacturers X-Ref., MFG Web&Email Directory
  • Hyperlinking: All cross-references (alternate names) to main entries, Manufacturer Web sites, Manufacturer Email
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Specialty Chemicals
Fourth Edition
Source Book 2-Volume Set
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