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Specialized Molding Techniques

edited by Hans-Peter Heim
and H. Potente

A surge of new molding technologies is transforming plastics processing and material forms to the highly efficient, integrated manufacturing that will set industry standards in the early years of this century. This book is a survey of these technologies, putting them into context and accentuating opportunities. The relations among these technologies are analyzed in terms of products, materials, processing, and geometry.

Engineers and technicians at manufacturing companies in the plastics industry that employ injection molding technology processes will want to have this reference in their library.


  1. Gas-Assisted Injection Molding
    • Gas Assist Injection Molding. The North America Legacy
    • Flow Directions in the Gas Assisted Injection Molding Technology
    • Gas-assisted Injection Molding: Influence of Processing Conditions and Material Properties
    • Cover Part as an Application Example for Gas-assisted Injection Molded Parts
    • Molded Part Design for the Gas Injection Technique
    • Design Optimization of Gas Channels for an Air Cleaner Assembly Using CAE Simulations
    • The Occurence of Fiber Exposure in Gas Assist Injection Molden Nylon Composites
    • Saving Costs and Time by Means of Gas-assisted Powder Injection Molding
    • Gas-assisted Reaction Injection Molding (GRIM): Application of the Gas Injection Technology to the Manufacturing of Hollow Polyurethane Parts

  2. Thin Wall Molding
    • Thin Wall Processing of Engineering Resins: Issues and Answers
    • Effects of Processing Conditions and Material Models on the Injection Pressure and Flow Length in Thinwall Parts
    • 10 Common Pitfalls in Thin-Wall Plastic Part Design
    • Flow Instabiliteis in Thin-wall Injection Molding of Thermoplastic Polyurethane
    • Pressure Loss in Thin Wall Moldings
    • Integrating Thin Wall Molder's Needs into Polymer Manufacturing
    • Thinning Injection Molded Computer Walls

  3. Molding Micro Parts and Micro Structures
    • Transcription of Small Surface Structures in Injection Molding--An Experimental Study
    • Injection Molding of Sub-u m Grating Optical Elements
    • Process Analysis and Injection Molding of Microstructures
    • Simulation of the Micro Injection Molding Process

  4. Manufacturing of Composites
    • Melt Compression Molding (MCM) a One-shot Process for In-mold Lamination and Compression Molding by Melt Strip Deposition
    • In-mold Lamination Back Compression Molding
    • Analysis and Characterization of Flow Channels during Manufacturing of Composites by Resin Transfer Molding
    • Optimization of Channel Design in VARTM Processing
    • Injection Compression Molding. A Low Pressure Process for Manufacturing Textile-Covered Moldings
    • Kurz-Hastings Inmold Decoration

  5. Improving Material Properties
    • High Impact Strength Reinforced Polyester Engineering Resins for Automotive Applications
    • Control of Internal Stresses in Injection Molded Parts Through the Use of Vibrational Molding, "RHEOMOLDINGSM", Technology
    • Experimental Determination of Optimized Vibration-assisted Injection Molding Processing Parameters for Atactic Polystyrene
    • Vibrated Gas Assist Molding: Its Benefits in Injection Molding

  6. Mold Making and Plasticisation
    • Advances in Stack Molding Technology
    • Advanced Valve Gate Technology for Use in Specialty Injection Molding
    • In-mold Labeling for High Speed, Thin Wall Injection Molding
    • Advances in Fusible Core Technique
    • Processing Glass-filled Polyethylene on a Twin-screw Injection Molding Extruder
    • Injection Molding by Direct Compounding
    • Improvement of the Molded Part Quality: Optimization of the Plastification Unit 301
    • Non-return Valve with Distributive and Dispersive Mixing Capability


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Specialized Molding Techniques
edited by Hans-Peter Heim and H. Potente
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