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Stage-Wise Adaptive Designs
by Shelemyahu Zacks

Stage-Wise Adaptive Designs presents the theory and methodology of stage-wise adaptive design across various areas of study within the field of statistics, from sampling surveys and time series analysis to generalized linear models and decision theory.

Stage-Wise Adaptive Designs is an excellent supplement to statistics courses at the upper-undergraduate and graduate levels.

It also serves as a valuable reference for researchers and practitioners in the fields of statistics and biostatistics.


1. Synopsis

  • Multi-Stage and Sequential Estimation
  • Adaptive Designs for Generalized Linear Models
  • Adaptive Methods for Sampling from Finite Populations
  • Adaptive Prediction and Forecasting in Time Series Analysis
  • Adaptive Search of an MTD in Cancer Phase I Clinical Trials
  • Adaptive and Sequential Procedures in Phase III of Clinical Trials
  • Sequential Allocation of Resources
  • Sequential Detection of Change Points
  • Sequential Methods in Industrial Testing, Reliability, and Design of Experiments
2. Multi-Stage and Sequential Estimation

  • Stein’s Two-Stage Procedure
  • Modifications to Attain Asymptotic Efficiency
  • Two-Stage Sampling From Exponential Distributions
  • Sequential Fixed-Width Interval Estimation
  • Distributions of Stopping Variables of Sequential Sampling
  • Sequential Fixed-Width Intervals for the Log-Odds in Bernoulli Trials
  • Bayesian Sequential Estimation
3. Adaptive Designs For Generalized Linear Models

  • Exponential Example
  • Adaptive Designs for the Fisher Information
  • Adaptive Bayesian Designs
  • Adaptive Designs for Inverse Regression
  • Stochastic Approximation
4. Adaptive Methods for Sampling from Finite Populations

  • Basic Theory
  • Two-Stage and Sequential Estimation of the Population Mean
  • Adaptive Allocation of Stratified SRS
  • Adaptive Search for Special Units
  • Adaptive Estimation of the Size of a Finite Population
  • Applications in Software Reliability
  • Sampling Inspection Schemes
  • Dynamic Bayesian Prediction
5. Adaptive Prediction and Forecasting in Time Series Analysis

  • Basic Tools of Time Series Analysis
  • Linear Predictors for Covariance Stationary T.S
  • Quadratic LSE Predictors for Nonstationary T.S
  • Moving Averages Predictors for Non-Stationary T.S
  • Predictors for General Trends with Exponential Discounting
  • Dynamic Linear Models
  • Asymptotic Behavior of DLM
  • Linear Control of DLM
6. Adaptive Search of an MTD in Cancer Phase I Clinical Trials

  • Up-And-Down Adaptive Designs
  • Bayesian Adaptive Search: The Continuous Reassessment Method
  • Efficient Dose Escalation with Overdose Control
  • Patient-Specific Dosing
  • Toxicity versus Efficacy
7. Adaptive and Sequential Procedures in Clinical Trials, Phases II and III

  • Randomization in Clinical Trials
  • Adaptive Randomization Procedures
  • Fixed-Width Sequential Estimation of the Success Probability in Bernoulli Trials
  • Sequential Procedure for Estimating the Probability of Success in Bernoulli Trials
  • Sequential Comparison of Success Probabilities
  • Group Sequential Methods
  • Dynamic Determination of Stage-Wise Samples Size
8. Sequential Allocation of Resources

  • Bernoulli Bandits
  • Gittins Dynamic Allocation Indices
  • Sequential Allocations in Clinical Trials
  • Bernoulli Bandits with Change-Point
  • Sequential Designs for Estimating the Common Mean of Two Normal Distributions: One Variance Known
9. Sequential Detection of Change-Points

  • Bayesian Detection When the Distribution Before and After the Change Are Known
  • Bayesian Detection When the Distributions Before and After the Change Are Unknown
  • CUSUM Procedures for Sequential Detection
  • Tracking Algorithms for Processes with Change Points
  • Recursive Estimation with Change-Points
  • Additional Theoretical Contributions
10. Sequential Methods in Industrial Testing

  • Sequential Testing (SPRT)
  • Characteristics of Sequential Procedures in Reliability Estimation and Testing
  • Some Comments on Sequential Design of Experiments
  • Sequential Testing of Software Reliability



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Stage-Wise Adaptive Designs
by Shelemyahu Zacks
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