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Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Fourth Edition
by King K. Holmes

Sexually Transmitted Diseases takes you through all aspects of STDs, from epidemiology to diagnosis and public health measures.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases features:

  • The ultimate sourcebook on STDs, with top-to-bottom coverage of all STDs and all etiologies, from bacteria to viruses and more
  • Cutting-edge insights and clinically relevant perspectives from a distinguished roster of international authorities in medicine, infectious disease, and public health
  • NEW! Brand-new chapters that cover: Drug Use and STDs, Cervical Cancer and STDs ,Prevention of Opportunistic Infections in AIDS ,Pregnancy and Bacterial STDs ,Pregnancy and Perinatal Transmission of STDs ,The Role of Primary Care Clinicians in Managing STDs ,STD and HIV Vaccines
  • NEW! Eye-catching full-color format with hundreds of precise illustrations that drive home chapter concepts and help you visualize various conditions


History, Socioeconomic Impact, and Epidemiology of Sexually Transmitted Infections

  1. Historical Perspectives on Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Challenges for Prevention and Control
  2. An Economic Perspective on Sexually Transmitted Infections Including HIV in Developing Countries
  3. The Transmission Dynamics of Sexually Transmitted Infections
  4. The Global Epidemiology on HIV and AIDS
  5. The Epidemiology of STIs and Their Social and Behavioral Determinants: Industrialized and Developing Countries

Social and Psychological Dimensions of Sexuality

  1. Social Dimensions of Adolescent Sexuality
  2. Sexual Networks, Concurrency, and STD/HIV
  3. Sexual Partnership Effects on STIs/HIV Transmission
  4. Psychological Perspectives on Sexuality and Sexually Transmissible Diseases and HIV Infection

Profiles of Vulnerable Populations

  1. Gender and Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  2. Adolescents and STDs, Including HIV Infection
  3. Female Sex Workers and Their Clients in the Epidemiology and Control of Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  4. Homosexual and Bisexual Behavior in Men in Relation to STDs and HIV Infection
  5. Lesbian Sexual Behavior in Relation to STDs and HIV Infection
  6. HIV and Other Sexually Transmitted Infections in Injection Drug Users and Crack Cocaine Smokers
  7. STDs, HIV/AIDS, and Migrant Populations

Host Immunity and Molecular Pathogenesis and STD

  1. Genitourinary Immune Defense
  2. Normal Genital Flora
  3. Pathogenesis of Sexually Transmitted Viral Bacterial Infections

Sexually Transmitted Viral Pathogens

  1. The Biology of HIV, SIV , and Other Lentiviruses
  2. Immunology and Pathogenesis of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection
  3. Human T-cell Lymphotropic Viruses
  4. Biology of Herpesviruses
  5. Genital Herpes
  6. Cytomegalovirus
  7. Epstein-Barr Virus Infection
  8. The Biology of Genital Human Papillomaviruses
  9. Genital Human Papillomavirus Infection
  10. Viral Hepatitis
  11. Molluscum Contagiosum

Sexually Transmitted Bacterial Pathogens

  1. Biology of Chlamyalia Trachomatis
  2. Chlamyalia Trachomatis Infections of the Adult
  3. Lymphogranuloma Venereum
  4. Biology of Neisseria Gonorrhoeae
  5. Gonococcal Infections in the Adult
  6. Biology of Treponemes
  7. Clinical Manifestations of Syphilis
  8. Endemic Treponematoses
  9. Chancroid and Haemophilus Ducreyi
  10. Donovanosis
  11. Genital Mycoplasmas
  12. Bacterial Vaginosis

Sexually Transmitted Protozoa, Fungi, and Ectoparasites

  1. Trichomonas Vaginalis and Trichomoniasis
  2. Intestinal Protozoa: Giardia Lamblia, Entamoeba Histolytica, Cryptosporidium, and New and Emerging Protozoal Infections
  3. Vulvovaginal Candidiasis
  4. Pubic Lice and Scabies

Overview of STD Care Management

  1. STI Care Management
  2. Individual-Level Risk Assessment for Sexually Transmitted Infections, Including HIV
  3. Anatomy and Physical Examination of the Female Genital Tract
  4. Clinical Anatomy and Physical Examination of the Male Genital Tract
  5. Principles of Treatment of Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  6. Principles of Laboratory Diagnosis of STIs
  7. Individual, Couple, and Small-Group Interventions to Reduce HIV and STI Acquisition
  8. Partner Notification for Sexually Transmitted Infections Including HIV Infection: An Evidence-Based Assessment

Management of STD Syndromes in Women

Chapters 55-58

Management of STD Syndromes in Men

Chapters 59-61

Management of Dermatologic and Extragenital Manifestations of STD and HIV Infection

Chapters 62-68

Clinical Management of HIV Infection

Chapters 69-77

STI/HIV in Reproductive Health and Pediatrics

Chapters 78-88

Prevention and Control of STI and HIV Infection

Chapters 89-100

Special Aspects of STI/HIV Prevention and Control in Developing Countries

Chapters 101-104

Special Medical, Legal, and Social Issues

Chapters 105-108


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Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Fourth Edition
by King K. Holmes

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