Stockley's Drug Interactions
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Stockley's Drug Interactions
Ninth edition
edited by Karen Baxter

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Stockley's Drug Interactions, 9th editiion now fully revised and revalidated, remains the world's most comprehensive and authoritative reference book on drug interactions and provides the busy healthcare professional with quick and easy access to clinically relevant, evaluated and evidence-based information on drug interactions.

  • Contains detailed yet concise monographs
  • Covers interactions between therapeutic drugs, proprietary medicines, herbal medicines, foods, drinks, pesticides and drugs of abuse
  • Based on published sources and fully referenced
  • Provides comprehensive details of the clinical evidence for the interactions under discussion, an assessment of their clinical importance and gives clear guidance on how to manage the interaction in practice
  • Contains over 3,400 monographs

New for the 9th edition:

  • Over 300 new monographs
  • All monographs fully revised and revalidated
  • Three new chapters on the interactions of Thyroid Hormones, Urological drugs, and Nutritional agents, Supplements and Vitamins
  • New drugs launched in the last two years added - including drugs such as fesoterodine, several monoclonal antibodies, new antidiabetics (e.g. sitagliptin) new antineoplastics (e.g. dasatinib) and new immunosuppressants (e.g. temsirolimus)
  • Updated information on seasonal flu vaccines and antivirals, including all available information on possible interactions with concurrent medication
  • Increased commentary on the involvement of newer mechanisms in drug interactions, such as drug transporter proteins, and other genetic factors that affect the ability of individuals to metabolise medicines


  1. General considerations and an outline survey of some basic interaction mechanisms
  2. ACE inhibitors and angiotensin II receptor antagonists
  3. Alcohol
  4. Alpha blockers
  5. Anaesthetics and neuromuscular blockers
  6. Analgesics and NSAIDs
  7. Anorectics and stimulants
  8. Anthelmintics, antifungals and antiprotozoals
  9. Antiarrhythmics
  10. Antibacterials
  11. Anticholinesterases
  12. Anticoagulants
  13. Antidiabetics
  14. Antiepileptics
  15. Antihistamines
  16. Antimigraine drugs
  17. Antineoplastics
  18. Antiparkinsonian and related drugs
  19. Antiplatelet drugs and thrombolytics
  20. Antipsychotics, anxiolytics and hypnotics
  21. Antivirals
  22. Beta-blockers
  23. Calcium-channel blockers
  24. Cardiovascular drugs, miscellaneous
  25. Digitalis glycosides
  26. Diuretics
  27. Gastrointestinal drugs
  28. Hormonal contraceptives and sex hormones
  29. Immunosuppressants
  30. Lipid-regulating drugs
  31. Lithium
  32. MAOIs
  33. Nutritional agents, supplements and Vitamins
  34. Respiratory drugs
  35. SSRIs, tricyclics and related antidepressants
  36. Thyroid hormones
  37. Urological drugs
  38. Miscellaneous drugs



Stockley's Drug Interactions
9th edition
Single User Version

Stockley's Drug Interations CD-ROM is the electronic version of the publication and is available for single-users on a standalone computer.

Interactions can be searched using International, UK and US non-proprietary names, proprietary names from over 30 countries, or common synonyms. A thesaurus is used to provide more precise retrieval of documents using language control. Search terms are mapped to preferred terms thus helping to reduce 'false drops' and ensure maximum recall and precision when searching.

Features of the search interface include:

  • Full text of Stockley's Drug Interactions, Ninth Edition
  • No-frames interface
  • Browsable menu
  • Intuitive interactions and full-text search options
  • Enter up to 12 drugs at a time
  • Searchable by approved names, international trade names, and other synonyms including drug codes
  • 'Intelligent' search function copes with multi-ingredient preparations
  • Advanced synonym control and spelling correction
  • On-screen help, demonstration and user guide

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Stockley's Drug Interactions
Ninth edition
edited by Karen Baxter

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