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Structural Design for Fire Safety
by Andrew H. Buchanan

This book presents a comprehensive overview of the fire resistance of building structures, and brings together a large volume of material from many sources on this increasingly important topic.

Structural Design for Fire Safety provides expert guidance on:

  • Interpreting code requirements for fire safety
  • Understanding the concepts of fire severity and fire resistance
  • Estimating time-temperature curves for fully developed compartment fires
  • Understanding the behavior of structural elements and buildings exposed to fires
  • Designing steel, concrete and timber structures to resist fire exposure
  • Assessing the fire performance of existing structures
  • And more!


  1. Fire Safety in Buildings

    • Fire Safety Objectives
    • Process of Fire Development
    • Conceptual Framework for Fire Safety
    • Fire Resistance
    • Controlling Fire Spread
    • Building Construction for Fire Safety

  2. Fire and Heat

    • Fuels
    • Combustion
    • Fire Initiation
    • Burning Objects
    • t-squared Fires
    • Pre-flashover Design Fires
    • Heat Transfer

  3. Room Fires

    • Pre-flashover fires
    • Flashover
    • Post-flashover Fires
    • Design Fires
    • Other Factors

  4. Fire Severity

    • Fire Severity and Fire Resistance
    • Fire Severity
    • Standard Fire
    • Equivalent Fire Severity

  5. Fire Resistance

    • Fire Resistance
    • Assessing Fire Resistance
    • Fire-resistance Tests
    • Approved Fire-resistance Ratings
    • Fire Resistance by Calculation
    • Fire Resistance of Assemblies

  6. Design of Structures Exposed to Fire

    • Structural Design at Normal Temperatures
    • Structural Design in Fire Conditions
    • Material Properties in Fire
    • Design of Individual Members Exposed to Fire
    • Design of Structural Assemblies Exposed to Fire

  7. Steel Structures

    • Behaviour of Steel Structures in Fire
    • Fire-resistance Ratings
    • Steel Temperatures
    • Protection Systems
    • Mechanical Properties of Steel at Elevated Temperature
    • Design of Steel Members Exposed to Fire
    • Design of Steel Buildings Exposed to Fire

  8. Concrete Structures

    • Behaviour of Concrete Structures in Fire
    • Fire-resistance Ratings
    • Concrete and Reinforcing Temperatures
    • Mechanical Properties of Concrete at Elevated Temperatures
    • Design of Concrete Members Exposed to Fire
    • Composite Steel-Concrete Construction Exposed to Fire

  9. Timber Structures

    • Description of Timber Construction
    • Fire-resistance Ratings
    • Wood Temperatures
    • Mechanical Properties of Wood
    • Design Concepts for Heavy Timber Exposed to Fire
    • Design of Heavy Timber Members Exposed to Fire
    • Behaviour of Timber Connections in Fire

  10. Light Frame Construction

    • Description
    • Fire Behaviours
    • Fire-resistance Ratings
    • Properties of Gypsum Plaster Board
    • Temperatures Within Light Frame Assemblies
    • Structural Behaviour
    • Design of Light Frame Structures in Fire
    • Construction Details
    • Lightweight Sandwich Panels

  11. Design Recommendations

    • Summary of Main Points
    • Summary for Main Materials
    • Thermal Analysis


  1. Units and Conversion Factors
  2. Fire Load Energy Densities
  3. Section Property Tables for Steel Beams
  4. Generic Fire-Resistance Ratings for Reinforced Concrete


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Structural Design for Fire Safety
by Andrew H. Buchanan
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