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Statisical Methods in Spatial Epidemiology
Second Edition
by Andrew B. Lawson

Statisical Methods in Spatial Epidemiology offers a complete coverage of the analysis and application of spatial statistical methods.


  • Provides a comprehensive overview of the main statistical methods used in spatial epidemiology
  • Updated to include a new emphasis on bio-terrorism and disease surveillance
  • Emphasizes the importance of space-time modelling and outlines the practical application of the method
  • Discusses the wide range of software available for analyzing spatial data, including WinBUGS, SaTScan and R, and features an accompanying website hosting related software
  • Contains numerous data sets, each representing a different approach to the analysis, and provides an insight into various modelling techniques


Definitions, Terminolgy and Data Sets

  • Map Hypotheses and Modelling Approaches
  • Definitions and Data Examples

Scales of Measurement and Data Availability

  • Small Scale
  • Large Scale
  • Rate Dependence
  • DataQuality and the Ecological Fallacy
  • Edge E.ects

Geographical Representation and Mapping

  • Maps and Mapping
  • Statistical Accuracy
  • Aggregation
  • Mapping Issues related toAggregated Data

Basic Models

  • Sampling Considerations
  • Likelihood-based and Bayesian Approaches
  • Point EventModels
  • CountModels

Exploratory Approaches, Parametric Estimation and Inference

  • ExploratoryMethods
  • Parameter Estimation
  • Residual Diagnostics
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Edge E.ects

Small Scale: Disease Clustering

  • Definition of Clusters and Clustering
  • Modelling Issues
  • Hypothesis Tests for Clustering
  • Space-Time Clustering
  • OtherMethods related to clustering

Small Scale: Putative Sources of Hazard

  • StudyDesign
  • Problems of Inference
  • Modelling the Hazard Exposure Risk
  • Models for Case Event Data
  • ACase Event Example
  • Models for CountData
  • ACountData Example

Large Scale: Disease Mapping

  • Simple Statistical Representation
  • BasicModels
  • AdvancedMethods
  • Model Variants and Extensions
  • ApproximateMethods
  • MultivariateMethods
  • Evaluation ofModel Performance
  • Hypothesis Testing in DiseaseMapping
  • Space-Time DiseaseMapping
  • Spatial Survival and longitudinal data
  • DiseaseMapping: Case Studies

Ecological Analysis and Scale Change

  • Ecological Analysis: Introduction
  • Small-ScaleModelling Issues
  • Changes of Scale andMAUP
  • A Simple Example: Sudden Infant Death in North Carolina
  • ACase Study: Malaria and IDDM

Infectious Disease Modelling

  • GeneralModelDevelopment
  • SpatialModelDevelopment
  • Modelling Special Cases for Individual Level Data
  • Survival Analysis with spatial dependence
  • Individual level data example
  • Underascertainment and Censoring

Large Scale: Surveillance

  • Process ControlMethodology
  • Spatio-Temporal Modelling
  • Spatio-TemporalMonitoring
  • Syndromic Surveillance
  • Multivariate-Mulitfocus Surveillance
  • Bayesian Approaches
  • Computational Considerations
  • Infectious Diseases


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Statisical Methods in Spatial Epidemiology
Second Edition
by Andrew B. Lawson

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