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Sun Science
Formulating for Protection
edited by Angela Kozlowski

If the reader formulates sun protection, tanning and sunless tanning products Sun Science is a must-have addition.

Sun Science provides information on formulating in the following areas:

  • Basic Review
  • New Ingredients
  • Future Innovations
  • Efficacy
  • Latest Research
  • Testing/Claims

The reader will find valuable information and answers to many troublesome formulation questions.

Sun Science


Formulating—Basic Review

  1. Photostability: The Back Story of UV Filters
  2. Research Pathways to Photostable Sunscreens
  3. Formulating Water-in-Oil Emulsions: A Scary Endeavor
  4. A Sunscreen Formulation for Acne-prone Skin
  5. Using Zinc Oxide in Sunscreen Products
  6. Seeking Homogeneity in UV Filter Distribution
  7. Silicone Technologies as Delivery Systems via Physical Associations
  8. Preservation of Sunscreen Products
  9. Strategies of Antiaging Actives in Sunscreen Products
  10. Sunscreens: Current Issues and Controversies
  11. Emollients with Activity for Sun Care Applications
  12. Galcatoarabinan as a Natural SPF Booster

Formulating—New Ingredients

  1. Antiaging benefits of French Rose Petal Extract
  2. A Dermatologic View: Ceramides in Skin Stress: UV, Tape Stripping and Crowding
  3. Silicones Bring Multifunctional Performance to Sun Care
  4. Film-forming Polymers as a Delivery Strategy for Sunscreen Efficacy
  5. Multifunctional Ingredients: The Novel Face of Natural
  6. Protecting the Skin from Environmental Stresses with an Exopolysaccharide Formulation
  7. UVA Skin Protection: Issues and New Developments
  8. Disodium Lauriminodipropionate Tocopheryl Phosphates: A Potent New Anti-Inflammatory
  9. Testing Polysilicone-19 for Hair Conditioning and UV Protection Claims
  10. Protecting the Hair with Natural Keratin Bipolymers

Formulating—Future Innovation

  1. Nanomaterials Provide Broad-spectrum Sun Protection
  2. Stopping the Sun
  3. Chinese Medicinal Plants Up-regulate Melanin Biosynthesis in Vitro
  4. Protecting Skin from UV Oxidative Stress with a New (Cys-Gly)2
  5. Low Molecular Weight Tannins of Phyllanthus emblica: Anti-Aging Effects
  6. Watermelon Survival Strategies for Skin DNA Protection
  7. A Direct Connection to Melanocytes
  8. A DNA Repair Complex to Decrease Erythema and UV-induced CPD Formation


  1. Quantifying Sunscreens and Preservatives
  2. The Trials of Measuring SPF
  3. And the Winner Is…

Testing—Latest Research

  1. Photo-aging and Skin Repair


  1. Claim Support Literature Review—Part IV, Skin Physiology and Properties

Testing—Basic Review

  1. Global Developments in Sun Care Ingredients

Testing—Current Status

  1. Frequency of Use of Organic UV Filters as Reported to the FDA
  2. Sunscreens
  3. The Proposed Amendment for Sunscreen Products in the United States


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Sun Science
Formulating for Protection
edited by Angela Kozlowski

2009 • 461 pages • $128.00 + shipping
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