Surfactant/Polymer Science Book from C.H.I.P.S.

and Polymers
in Aqueous Solution

Second Edition
by K. Holmberg et al

This reference is unique in that it discusses the solution chemistry of both surfactants and polymers and also the interactions between the two. The book, which is based on successful courses given by the authors since 1992, is a revised and extended version of the first edition that became a market success with six reprints since 1998.

Surfactants and Polymers in Aqueous Solution is broad in scope, providing both theoretical insights and practical help for those active in the area. It contains a thorough discussion of surfactant types and gives information of main routes of preparation. A chapter on novel surfactants has been included in the new edition. Physicochemical phenomena such as self-assembly in solution, adsorption, gel formation and foaming are discussed in detail. Particular attention is paid to the solution behaviour of surfactants and polymers containing polyoxyethylene chains.

Surface active polymers are presented and their interaction with surfactants is a core topic of the book. Protein-surfactant interaction is also important and a new chapter deals with this issue. Microemulsions are treated in depth and several important application such as detergency and their use as media for chemical reactions are presented. Emulsions and the choice of emulsifier is discussed in some detail. The new edition also contains chapters on rheology and wetting.

Surfactants and Polymers in Aqueous Solution is aimed at those dealing with surface chemistry research at universities and with surfactant formulation in industry.


  1. Introduction to Surfactants
  2. Surfactant Micellization
  3. Phase Behaviour of Concentrated Surfactant Systems
  4. Physicochemical Properties of Surfactants and Polymers Containing Oxyethylene Groups
  5. Mixed Micelles
  6. Microemulsions
  7. Intermolecular Interactions
  8. Colloidal Forces
  9. Polymers in Solution
  10. Regular Solution Theory
  11. Novel Surfactants
  12. Surface Active Polymers
  13. Surfactant-Polymer Systems
  14. Surfactant-Protein Mixtures
  15. An Introduction to the Rheology of Polymer and Surfactant Solutions
  16. Surface Tension and Adsorption at the Air-Water Interface
  17. Adsorption of Surfactants at Solid Surfaces
  18. Wetting and Wetting Agents, Hydrophobization and Hydrophobizing Agents
  19. Interaction of Polymers with Surfaces
  20. Foaming of Surfactant Solutions
  21. Emulsions and Emulsifiers
  22. Microemulsions for Soil and Oil Removal
  23. Chemical Reactions in Microheterogeneous Systems


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Surfactants and Polymers
in Aqueous Solution 2nd Edition

by K. Holmberg et al
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