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Surgery of the Ear and Temporal Bone
Second Edition
by Joseph B. Nadol, Jr.

Surgery of the Ear and Temporal Bone shows and explains how to select the best approach for the disease being treated and details the indications, contraindications, and complications of each procedure.


Examination of the Ear

  • Office Examination of the Ear
  • Photography and Documentation of Pathological Findings
  • Audiologic Tests for Otologic Surgery
  • Imaging of the Temporal Bone and Cranial Base
  • Clinical Evaluation of the Vestibular System
  • Clinical Evaluation of the Facial Nerve
  • Intraoperative Monitoring of Cranial Nerves
  • Outcome Studies in Ear Surgery

Soft Tissue Appoaches and Management

  • Soft Tissue Incisions and Approaches
  • Skin Grafting in Otologic Surgery

Osseous Approaches to the Temporal Bone

  • Osseous Approaches to the Middle Ear and Mastoid
  • Transtemporal and Transpetrous Approaches to the Cranial Base

Surgery for Disorders of the Ear Canal and Tympanic Membrane

  • Management of Soft Tissue and Osseous Stenosis of the Ear canal – Canalplasty
  • Perforations of the Tympanic Membrane
  • Management of Granular Myringitis and Retraction Pockets

Surgery for Infections of the Middle Ear, Mastoid, and Cranial Base

  • Acute Mastoiditis
  • Chronic Otitis Media
  • Complications of Chronic Otitis Media
  • Osteoradionecrosis of the Temporal Bone
  • Malignant External Otitis

Surgery for Conductive Hearing Loss

  • Otitis Media With Effusion
  • Surgery for Otosclerosis
  • Osiculoplasty and Tympanoplasty in Chronic Otitis Media
  • Congenital Aural Atresia
  • Congenital Cholesteatoma of Middle Ear and Mastoid

Surgery for Sensorineural Hearing Loss

  • Perilymph Fistulas
  • Cochlear Implantation and Implantable Hearing Aids

Surgery for Vertigo

  • Labyrinthectomy
  • Shunt Procedures
  • Neurectomy Procedures for Vertigo
  • Surgery for BPPV
  • Chemical Labyrinthectomy

Surgery for Trauma to the Temporal Bone and Dysfunction of the Facial Nerve

  • Trauma of the Tympanic Membrane and Ossicles
  • Management of Dural Defects of the Temporal Bone
  • Management of Injury to the Facial Nerve
  • Management of Bell’s Palsy and Herpes Zoster
  • Facial Reanimation Surgery
  • Surgery of the Eyelids in Facial Paralysis

Surgery for Tumors of the Temporal Bone

  • Management of Malignancies of the Ear
  • Paragangliomas of the Temporal Bone
  • Cerebellopontine Angle and Petroclival Tumors
  • Tumors of the Facial Nerve
  • Cystic Lesions of t he Petrous Apex

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery of the Auricla

  • Reconstruction of Congenital Auricular Malformations
  • Acquired Deformities of the Auricle


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Surgery of the Ear and Temporal Bone
Second Edition
by Joseph B. Nadol, Jr.

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