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Sustainable Animal Production
The Challenges and Potential Developments for Professional Farming
edited by A. Aland

Sustainable Animal Production addresses the major issues related to animal health and welfare maintenance in relation to their environment, as well as housing emissions and waste management.

Experiments, reviews and expert opinions and scenarios for the future are presented.

Each of the chapters has been written by scientists with international reputations. The language used, and the examples and the illustrations provided, make it easy to read.

Sustainable Animal Production is of major and current interest to teachers and students in animal and veterinary sciences and to professionals:

  • veterinarians
  • farm managers
  • agricultural advisers worldwide


Animal hygiene for a more sustainable animal production

  • The growing role of animal hygiene for sustainable husbandry systems
  • The role of the European feed industry in a sustainable feed and food safety strategy
  • New trends in farm animal welfare: science values and practice
  • Impact of human-animal interactions on the health, productivity and welfare of farm animals
  • New challenges to protect health and food quality when managing manures from intensive animal production

Impact of the environment on cattle behaviour, health and performance

  • Health, fertility and welfare in genetically high producing dairy cows
  • Environmental stress and reproduction in dairy cows
  • Sustainable animal production
  • Effect of housing systems on dairy cow hygiene and udder health
  • Walkway floor design, feed stalls, claw lesions and locomotion in Swedish cubiclehoused dairy cattle
  • Claw diseases as a factor for changes in dairy cows’ behaviour and milk production
  • Herd health management and quality risk control on large dairy farms
  • Influence of milk feeding methods on the welfare of dairy calves
  • Impact on and demands for health and welfare of range beef cattle in Scandinavian conditions

Impact of the environment on pig behaviour, health and performance

  • Attempts to quantify the health status of pig herds: developing and validating a Herd
  • Health Score (HHS)
  • On-farm evaluation of animal welfare in weaner and fattening pig units based on critical control points
  • Sustainable animal production
  • Reproductive disorders in pigs: a review on the crucial role of the environment
  • An overview of the impact of the environment on enzootic respiratory diseases in pigs
  • A review of the effect of feed-borne mycotoxins on pig health and reproduction
  • Impact of the diet on digestive disorders of pigs, with special emphasis on proliferative enteropathy and swine dysentery
  • Controlling the concentrations of airborne pollutants in piggery buildings

Impact of the environment on poultry behaviour, health and performance

  • Laying hens in aviaries: development, legal and hygienic aspects
  • Challenges of the new requirements for welfare of laying hens housed in cages
  • Controlling the concentrations of airborne particles in broiler buildings
  • The effect of the feed on the host-microflora interactions in poultry: an overview
  • Effect of lactic acid bacteria on broilers: from the farm to the processing plant
  • Health and welfare in Swedish game bird rearing

The lessons for the future

  • Precision livestock farming for animal health, welfare and production
  • Development of a risk assessment methodology for animal welfare in EFSA’s scientific opinions
  • A method for construction and evaluation of scenarios for sustainable animal production
  • Sustainable animal production
  • Scenarios for future Swedish dairy farming in relation to sustainability of animal health, environment and economy
  • Make the science knowledge available and used


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Sustainable Animal Production
The Challenges and Potential Developments
for Professional Farming
edited by A. Aland

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