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Tactical Emergency Medicine
edited by Richard B. Schwartz

This practical book covers all aspects of tactical emergency medicine—the practice of emergency medicine in the field, rather than at the hospital, during disasters, police or military conflicts, mass events, and community incidents.

Key topics covered include:

  • hostage survival
  • insertion and extraction techniques
  • continuum of force
  • medical support
  • planning and triage
  • medical evaluation in the incident zone
  • care in custody
  • medical control of incident site
  • decontamination
  • community communication, and more

Boxed definitions, case scenarios, and treatment algorithms are included. The concluding chapter presents "real world" scenarios to run tactical teams through and lists recommended training programs and continuing education.


Section I: Tactical Concepts

  1. Team Composition & Basic Capabilities & Equipment
  2. Military Tactical Operations
  3. Infiltration/Exfiltration
  4. Continuum of Force
  5. Specialty Munitions
  6. Medical Support of the Tactical Athlete
  7. Medical Support to Military Operations on Urban Terrain
  8. Hostage Survival
  9. The Basics of Survival

Section II: Medical Concepts

  1. Penetrating and Explosive Injury Patterns
  2. Operational Medicine Environmental Considerations
  3. Medical Preplanning Considerations for Tactical Emergency Medicine Operations
  4. Triage
  5. Tactical Combat Casualty Care
  6. Critical Casualty Evacuation from Tactical Settings
  7. Medical Care of In-Custody Individuals
  8. Operational Performance and Preventive Medicine
  9. Sustained and Continuous Operations
  10. Lifts and Carries
  11. Canine Aid in the Tactical EMS Setting
  12. Tactical En Route Care
  13. Armored Vehicles in Rescue and Tactical Medical Operations
  14. Psychological Effects and Management of Law Enforcement and Medical Providers in the Tactical Environment
  15. Tactical Pharmacology

Section III: Administrative

  1. How to Set Up a Tactical Emergency Medical Service Program
  2. Medical Control, Command, and Oversight
  3. Quality Assurance and Improvement
  4. Grant Funding for Tactical Operations
  5. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Impact on Tactical Emergency Medicine
  6. Performance of Research in the Combat and Tactical Settings

Section IV: Applied Concepts and Other Topics

  1. Medical Implications and Planning for Riots and Mass Gatherings
  2. The United States Department of Homeland Security
  3. Decontamination for Tactical Teams
  4. Canine Use in Tactical, and Search and Rescue Operations
  5. Tactical Emergency Medicine: Emerging Technologies for the Tactical Medical Provider
  6. Testifying in a Legal Proceeding
  7. Applied Concepts: Public Policy and Other Considerations
  8. Applied Concepts: Public Relations

Section V: CBRNE and Public Health

  1. Chemical, Biological, and Radiological Threats in the Tactical Environment: Overview of Identification and Treatment
  2. Personal Protective Equipment for the Tactical Team
  3. Decontamination for Tactical Teams

Section VI: Training Programs and Scenarios

  1. Tactical Training and Continuous Education for the Tactical Provider


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Tactical Emergency Medicine
edited by Richard B. Schwartz
2008 • 1,000 pages • $109.00 + shipping
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