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The Taste of Bread
by Raymond Calvel

AT LAST, Raymond Calvel's Le Gout du Pain is available in English! This book is a must for bakers and bakery technologists.

Raymond Calvel is known throughout the world for his research on the production of quality French and European hearth breads. Supplemented with dozens of black and white photos, drawings, and color plates, this book provides the basic technical knowledge that is necessary to the development of competence in the manufacture of hearth breads.

This English edition has been translated from the French edition by Ron Wirtz with new technical notes by James MacGuire.

This well-known book from Raymond Calvel is available in French, Spanish and now English.

The book is illustrated throughout with color photos of the breads and of the techniques. Numerous diagrams are also very useful in describing the techniques. Formulas are given in tabular form with ingredients in metric units and as percentages.


Characteristics of Raw Materials and Dough Production


  • Type and condition of wheat milled into bread flour
  • Nature of breadmaking lfour
  • Technical characteristics of breadmaking flour


  • The composition of dough
  • The influence of processing agents and the use of additives
  • Additions to French bread in certain foreign coutnries
  • The influence of ingredients

The Role of Mixing and of Yeast Fermentation in the Creation of Bread Taste


  • Mixing: dough production and the physicochemical development, oxidation, and maturation of dough
  • Excessive oxidation and its consequences


  • The role of bread fermentation
  • The influence of different breadmaking methods on taste
  • Evolutionary changes in the different breadmaking methods

Organic Acids

  • The identification of volatile organic acids and their influence on the taste of bread
  • The relationship of organic acids, mixing intensity, dough oxidation level, and bread production method

Dough Maturation and Development

  • The influence of dough maturation level
  • The effects of changes in pH and residual sugar levels
  • The effects of loaf molding
  • The effect of type and degree of Pâton development
  • The effects of freezing unbaked and parbaked loaves

Baking and Keeping Qualities of Bread and Their Relationship to Taste

Bread Crust

  • Ovens used in bread baking
  • Formation, coloration, and degree of crust baking and their relationship to bread taste
  • The effects of oven steam on crust taste
  • Flour-dusted breads and crust taste
  • Scaling of bread crust
  • Frozen storage of baked bread

Bread Crumb

  • Formation and baking of the crumb
  • Crumb color and cell structure

Bread Staling

  • Storage and staling effects on bread taste
  • Bread staling and factors that influence it
  • Consumption of stale bread
  • Shelf life and taste of industrially produced packaged breads
  • Types of bread spoilage

Traditional and Specialty Bread Production

Basic French Bread

  • Breadmaking with levain and with levain de pâte
  • Yeast-raised French bread (pain courant)
  • Rustic (country style) bread with pure-wheat flour

Specialty Breads

  • Specialty breads
  • Breads for filling or topping
  • Savory and aromatic breads

Yeast-Raised Sweet Dough Products, Common and Dietetic Rusks, Breadsticks, Croissants, Parisian and Regional Brioches

Rusks and Specialty Toasted Breads

  • Rusks (biscotte courant)
  • Gluten-free breads
  • Breadsticks and grissini

Yeast-raised sweet doughs

  • Traditional croissants
  • Chocolate-filled buns from croissant dough
  • Snail rolls
  • Brioches

Regional Brioches

  • Regional brioches
  • Vendée-style brioche
  • Specialty brioches
  • Brioche-type hearth cakes from other lands

Nutritional Value of Bread, Bread and Gastronomy, Bread and the Consumer

Qualities of Bread

  • The nutritional value of bread
  • Caloric content and bioavailability
  • The progressive decline of bread consumption in France
  • Bread made from stone-ground flour
  • bread and gastronomy
  • Comparing bread with other foods


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The Taste of Bread
by Raymond Calvel

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