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Tending Animals in the Global Village
A Guide to International Veterinary Medicine
by David M. Sherman

Tending Animals in the Global Village is a guide through the evolving landscape of international veterinary medicine. It provides the reader with insights into the global trends which are shaping the future of veterinary medicine, and identifies the new global challenges and opportunities for veterinarians working at home or abroad.

A diverse range of international issues are discussed from a veterinary perspective including:

  • social, cultural, economic and environmental factors influencing the human use of animals worldwide
  • the expanding global demand for foods of animal origin
  • the value of livestock in economic development among the world's rural poor, the role of veterinarians in foreign assistance
  • imbalances in veterinary service delivery around the world
  • the relationship of animal health and production to global environmental change
  • the contribution of veterinary medicine to the preservation of biodiversity and the conservation of wildlife
  • the impact of expanding international trade on food safety and the growing threat of foreign animal disease

The book also includes a chapter on preparing for and identifying opportunities for international work as well as an appendix of contact information for agencies and organizations related to international veterinary medicine.

While the book is written primarily with a veterinary audience in mind, the easy informative style makes the book interesting and accessible to anyone interested in the relationship of animals to human society. Each chapter includes maps, tables and photographs.


  1. The global society and veterinary medicine
  2. Animal domestication and human society
  3. cultural attitudes concerning the use of animals
  4. Animal agriculture and food production worldwide
  5. Animals, food security, and socioeconomic development
  6. Animals and the environment
  7. Preservation of biodiversity, wildlife, and conservation medicine
  8. Delivery of animal health care services worldwide
  9. International trade, food safety, and animal disease control
  10. Career opportunities in international veterinary medicine

Appendix: contact information for agencies and organizations relevant to international veterinary medicine


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Tending Animals in the Global Village
A Guide to International Veterinary Medicine
by David M. Sherman

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