TIFFANY PARTIES is out of print and no longer available. There is a new book on the subject which is even more stunning and contains much more information as well as hundreds of spectacular full color photographs of the events included.

Please take a look at
PARTIES AND SPECIAL EVENTS: Planning and Design by Lena Malouf

Parties and Special Events
Planning and Design
by Lena Malouf

PARTIES AND SPECIAL EVENTS is THE BOOK for special event planners.

FINALLY! The book that the event planner has been waiting for is now available.

Legendary international event planner and artistic designer Lena Malouf offers her expertise, flair, and her world of experience in this wonderful new book.

This fantastic book puts Lena Malouf's more than three decades of event planning at your fingertips - a resource that will become your primary reference and design guide - your professional "bible".

Lena Malouf is the consummate professional who possesses breathtaking creativity and outstanding skills balanced by the organizational know-how necessary for Parties and Special Events.

There is not another book like this one. More than 200 full-color photographs of innovative corporate and private events are included. Each event is described in detail by the author.


  • Oversized, 9" x 13" beautiful cloth bound book
  • More than 200 detailed full-color photographs many of which are two-page spreads
  • Photographs show explicit details of all aspects of the decor, including room design, materials, furniture, floral design, table decoration, entertainment areas and more
  • Informative text provides a play-by-play description of each event such as location, logistics, number of guests, unique or special situations and all other details of the function
  • Numerous checklists, diagrams, and charts for accurate, expedient, and successful planning
  • Filled with topical, classical, modern, unusual and inventive themes that work!
  • Practical management section which is intended to be used on the job, which will help the event planner streamline and fine-tune their operation
  • Separate section which covers tabletops, including fabrics, floral design, centerpieces, and settings for all occasions, illustrated again with incredibly detailed full-color photographs


Chapter 1 - The Party Process tells you how to build, motivate, communicate with and manage teams. It explains the importance of administration and paperwork for clients and contractors, and covers delegation and coordination of the events.

Chapter 2 - Themes stunningly illustrates events from concept to completion. Exciting ideas, theatrical sets, profitable props all displayed with a difference. Creativity jumps off the pages. Award-winning events and nominations are also beautifully portrayed showing "wow" factors and elements of surprise.

Chapter 3 - Nothing But Tables, Flowers and Fabrics looks at items which are an integral part of any event. Tables are dressed to impress. Tabletops show formality, informality, occasions, all with originality and distinction. Full settings are presented while floral arrangements and fabric accents bring up-to-the-minute styling in a kaleidoscope of color.

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Parties and Special Events
Planning and Design
by Lena Malouf

January 1st 2002 300 pages 9" x 13" $169.95 + shipping
Texas residents please add 7 % sales tax

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