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Tissue Engineering and Artificial Organs
Third edition
edited by Joseph D. Bronzino

Reviewing applications at the leading edge of modern biomedical engineering, Tissue Engineering and Artificial Organs covers transport phenomena, biomimetics systems, biotechnology, prostheses, artificial organs, and ethical issues.

The book features approximately 90% new material in the tissue engineering section, integrates coverage of life sciences with a new section on molecular biology, and includes a new section on bionanotechnology.

Features of Tissue Engineering and Artificial Organs:

  • Explores applications at the frontier of modern biomedical engineering and science
  • Integrates the study of life sciences with a new section on molecular biology and genomes
  • Presents much new and updated material contributed by leading experts from around the globe
  • Contains a new section on bionanotechnology and nearly 90% new material in the tissue engineering section
  • Includes a 24-page full-color insert loaded with illustrations

Contents Molecular Biology

  • Historical Perspective and Basics of Molecular Biology
  • Systems and Technology Involving Bacteria
  • Recombinant DNA Technology Using Mammalian Cells

Transport Phenomena and Biomimetic Systems

  • Biomimetic Systems
  • Diffusional Processes and Engineering Design
  • Microvascular Heat Transfer
  • Perfusion Effects and Hydrodynamics
  • Animal Surrogate Systems
  • Arterial Wall Mass Transport: The Possible Role of Blood Phase Resistance in the Localization of Arterial Disease
  • Control of the Microenvironment
  • Interstitial Transport in the Brain: Principles for Local Drug Delivery


  • Tools for Genome Analysis
  • Vaccine Production
  • Protein Engineering
  • Metabolic Engineering
  • Monoclonal Antibodies and Their Engineered Fragments
  • Biomolecular Engineering in Oligonucleotide Applications
  • Gene Therapy
  • Bio-Nanorobotics: State of the Art and Future Challenges


  • DNA as a Scaffold for Nano-Structure Assembly; Michael Connolly
  • Directed Evolution of Proteins for Device Applications
  • Semiconductor Quantum Dots for Molecular and Cellular Imaging
  • Bionanotechnology for Bioanalysis
  • Nano-Hydroxyapatite for Biomedical Applications
  • Nanotechnology Provides New Tools for Biomedical Optics
  • Nanomaterials Perspectives and Possibilities in Nanomedicine
  • Biomedical Nanoengineering for Nanomedicine
  • Physiogenomics: Integrating Systems Engineering and Nanotechnology for Personalized Medicine
  • Bionanotechnology Patenting: Challenges and Opportunities

Tissue Engineering

  • Fundamentals of Stem Cell Tissue Engineering
  • Growth Factors and Morphogens: Signals for Tissue Engineering
  • Extracellular Matrix: Structure, Function, and Applications to Tissue Engineering
  • Mechanical Forces on Cells
  • Cell Adhesion
  • Cell Migration
  • Inflammatory and Immune Responses to Tissue Engineered Devices
  • Polymeric Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering Applications
  • Calcium Phosphate Ceramics for Bone Tissue Engineering
  • Biomimetic Materials
  • Nanocomposite Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering
  • Roles of Thermodynamic State and Molecular Mobility in Biopreservation
  • Drug Delivery
  • Gene Therapy
  • Tissue Engineering Bioreactors
  • Animal Models for Evaluation of Tissue-Engineered Orthopedic Implants
  • The Regulation of Engineered Tissues: Emerging Approaches
  • Bioengineering of Human Skin Substitutes
  • Nerve Regeneration: Tissue Engineering Strategies
  • Gene Therapy and Tissue Engineering Based on Muscle-Derived Stem Cells: Potential for Musculoskeletal Tissue Regeneration and Repair
  • Tissue Engineering Applications - Bone
  • Cartilage Tissue Engineering
  • Tissue Engineering of the Temporomandibular Joint
  • Engineering Smooth Muscle
  • Esophagus: A Tissue Engineering Challenge
  • Tissue Engineered Vascular Grafts
  • Cardiac Tissue Engineering: Matching Native Architecture and Function to Develop Safe and Efficient Therapy
  • Tissue Engineering of Heart Valves
  • Tissue Engineering: Use of Stem Cells and Cloning in the Regeneration of Urologic Organs
  • Hepatic Tissue Engineering for Adjunct and Temporary Liver Support
  • Tissue Engineering of Renal Replacement Therapy
  • The Bioengineering of Dental Tissues
  • Tracheal Tissue Engineering

Prostheses and Artificial Organs

  • Artificial Heart and Circulatory Assist Devices
  • Cardiac Valve Prostheses
  • Vascular Grafts
  • Artificial Lungs and Blood-Gas Exchange Devices
  • Peritoneal Dialysis Equipment
  • Therapeutic Apheresis and Blood Fractionation
  • Liver Support Systems
  • Artificial Pancreas
  • Nerve Guidance Channels
  • Tracheal, Laryngeal, and Esophageal Replacement Devices
  • Artificial Blood
  • Artificial Skin and Dermal Equivalents


  • Beneficence, Nonmaleficence, and Medical Technology
  • Ethical Issues Related to Clinical Research


Tissue Engineering and Artificial Organs is one volume of the 3-volume set:
The Biomedical Engineering Handbook

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Tissue Engineering and Artificial Organs
Third edition
edited by Joseph D. Bronzino

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