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Total Colour Management in Textiles
by John H. Xin

Total Colour Management in Textiles provides basic yet comprehensive knowledge on the many aspects of colour management.


  • Covers colour specification systems and the difficulties inherent in subjective measurements
  • Explores instrumental colour measurement and color quality evaluation
  • Offers a practical guidance on the visual evaluation of textile samples
  • Discusses the accurate colour simulation on display devices and colour samples with texture structures
  • Examines the contributions of computer methods within the industry
  • Highlights the issues of digital textile printing technology
  • Includes coverage of supply chain management and quality assurance


Measuring Colour

  • Colour Perception
  • The Nature of Colour
  • The Physical Basis of Colour
  • The Human Colour Vision System
  • Colour Perception

Colour Description/Specification Systems

  • Additive and Subtractive Mixing
  • The CIE System of Colour Specification
  • Calculation of Tristimulus Values from Rl Values Measured at 10 or 20 nm Intervals
  • Relationships Between Tristimulus Values and Colour Appearance
  • Usefulness and Limitations of the CIE System
  • Colour Order Systems and Colour Specifiers
  • Colour Specifiers

Instrumental Colour Measurement

  • Types of Colour Measurement
  • Colour Measuring Instrumentation
  • Inter-Instrument Agreement and Traceability

Colour Quality Evaluation

  • Colour Difference Formulae
  • Metamerism
  • Colour Constancy

A Practical Guide to Visual Evaluation of Textile Samples

  • The Components of Color Perception
  • Industrial Guidelines for Visual Colour Assessment
  • Practical Application of Visual Colour Assessment Methods

Managing Colour

  • Colour Simulation of Textiles
  • Characterisation of Colour Displays
  • Colour Mapping for Two-Dimensional Texture Image
  • Texture Effect on Visual Colour Difference Evaluation
  • Colour Synthesis for Three-Dimensional Objects

Effective Colour Communication from Mind to Market

  • The 'Fast Fashion' Concept and its Effect on Colour
  • Colour Palette Development as Part of the Whole Product Development Process
  • Review of Existing 'Manual' Communication Methods Between Design and Production and Why Things Go Wrong
  • Best Practice in Communicating Between Design and Production -Human and Technological Considerations
  • "Is an Engineered Standard all that I Need to Get Good Colour Matching?"
  • Colour Approval - Where is it Done?
  • Colour Approval - How is it Done?
  • Electronic Colour Communication Programmes - Associated Considerations and Options
  • Electronic Tracking and Reporting Packages

Controlling Colorant Formulation

  • Colorant Recipe Formulation
  • Improvement of the Formulation Accuracy
  • A Case Study for Matching a Target Using a Commercial Colour Recipe Formulation System

Controlling Digital Colour Printing on Textiles

  • Characteristics and Variables of Digital Ink Jet Printing (DIJP)
  • Design Potentials and Limitations of Digital Textile Printing
  • Role of End Output: Artist and Industry Approaches
  • Ensuring Accuracy and Uniformity

Colour Management Across the Supply Chain

  • Colour Supply Chains
  • Supply Chain Colour Process Requirements

Quality Assurance Management for Coloured Goods

  • Reproduction of Colour
  • Instrumental or Computer Recipe Prediction
  • Colour variation Evaluation and Monitoring
  • Colour Performance


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Total Colour Management in Textiles
by John H. Xin
2006 234 pages $228.95 + shipping
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