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Total Food
Sustainability of the
Agri-Food Chain
edited by K.W. Waldron

Total Food highlights recent developments and facilitates knowledge transfer between representatives of the agri-food industries, scientific research community, legal experts on food-related legislation and waste management, and consumer organizations.

Themes explored relate to the increasing interest in agri-food chain sustainability and range from the adding of value to co-products through to the recovery of energy from waste streams.

Areas covered include:

  • the minimization of waste through water recycling and energy recovery
  • Value added products from plants and food chain wastes
  • the exploitation of low value residues for the production of biofuels


Key Drivers

  • A socio-economic perspective on co-product exploitation

Value added products - Plants

  • Food applications of novel ingredients from agro-based sustainable sources
  • Improving the textural characteristics of brewer’s spent grain breads by combination of sour dough and different enzymes
  • Effect of packaging conditions on shelf-life of bologna sausages made with orange juice wastewater and oregano essential oil
  • Effects of industrial processing on content and properties of dietary fibre of strawberry wastes
  • Formulation and acceptability studies of high fibre cookies made from pink guava (Psidium guajava) decanter / agro waste
  • Extraction of antioxidant compounds from apple pomace
  • Extracting novel foam and emulsion stability enhancers from brewers’ grain
  • Biological production of vanillin from ferulic acid obtained from wheat bran hydrolyzates
  • Methanolic extract of Cistus ladaniferus as a source of phenolic antioxidants for use in foods
  • Addition of lemon and orange fibers as functional ingredients to a sweetened cheese
  • Application of orange fibre as a functional ingredient in botifarró: a Spanish blood sausage
  • Prebiotic potential and antimicrobial effect from a by-product of the almond processing industry
  • Apple peel waste as a valuable source of natural phenolic antioxidants
  • Optimization of cultivation conditions for the production of bacterial phytase from Enterobacter sakozakii ASUIA279 newly isolated from Malaysian maize root
  • Utilization of pumpkin flour in expanded breakfast cereals
  • Peroxidase and laccase activity as tools to control crosslinking in arabinoxylans
  • Effects of storage and associated processing activities on texture, structure and microbiology in novel ingredients fro agri-based sustainable sources
  • Antioxidant properties of Gracilaria birdiae and Gracilaria cornea, two red weaweeds from the Brazilian coasts

Value added products - fish, meat & dairy

  • Dairy side stream valorisation
  • The use of commercial enzymes for the production of potential bioactive peptides from low value bovine muscle and bovine offal proteins
  • Bioactive properties of hydrolysates from Mackerel viscera
  • Comparison between gelatines extracted from Mackerel and Blue Whiting heads using different organic acids

Measuring Sustainability

  • LCA for co-product exploitation

Integrated approaches - process and chain

  • Process optimization
  • Last Minute Market - Increasing the economic, social and environmental value of unsold products in the food chain

Energy recovery and technologies for water recovery and recycling

  • Biomethane and biohydrogen from food byproduct
  • The effect of alcohols on cellusase activity
  • Water recycling and recovery in food and drink processing
  • Chemical and physiological characterization of aerobic treatment of rum distillery spentwash using Aspergillus niger
  • Dead fish valorization by anaerobic digestion
  • Agro-food byproducts and waste as raw materials faor the two-stage hydrogen fermentation process

Bulk products for food, feed and non-food uses

  • Sustainable dyes from agri-food chain co-products
  • Food fraction valorization as animal feed in the Basque Country
  • Asparagus fibres as reinforcing materials for developing 100% biodegradable packaging
  • Increasing protein extraction yield from duckweed (Lemna obscura) with an ammonia treatment
  • Diffusion of bioactive peptides from chitosan-based edible films – effects of temperature and peptides molecular weight
  • Functional properties of Gleditsia triacanthos seeds extracts and their incorporation into galactomannan films for food applications
  • An investigation on the effect of formulation and extrusion temperature on physico-chemical characteristics of tomato-enriched snacks


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Total Food
Sustainability of the Agri-Food Chain
edited by K.W. Waldron

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