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Transport Phenomena in Food Processing
edited by Jorge Welti-Chanes
Jorge F. Vélez-Ruiz
Gustavo V. Barbosa-Cánovas

This is an in-depth reference book that focuses on transport phenomena in food preservation reviews the fundamental concepts regarding momentum, heat, and mass transfer as well as the specific applications of these concepts into a variety of traditional and novel processes and products.

It provides a comprehensive, up-to-date assessment of the engineering principles key to improving food processing conditions and enery resources usage.


  • First state-of-the-art presentation of transport phenomena applied to food preservation
  • Traditional and modern food preservation techniques
  • Explains in-depth, among other unit operations, the phenomena that control osmotic dehydration and hot-air drying
  • Studies on the effects of product shape and type of processing equipment on heat transfer efficiency
  • The combination of different transport phenomena in frying, sterilization and drying processes
  • Over 150 figures and 65 tables


Fundamental Concepts

  1. Fundamentals of Mass Transport
  2. Heat Transfer in Food Products
  3. Introductory Aspects on Momentum Transfer Phenomena

Mass Transfer

  1. Structural Effects of Blanching and Osmotic Dehydration Pretreatments on Air Drying Kinetics of Fruit Tissues
  2. A Pretreatment Efficiency in Osmotic Dehydration of Cranberries
  3. Mass Transfer Description of the Osmodehydration of Apple Slabs
  4. Combined Effect of High Hydrostatic Pressure Pretreatment and Osmotic Stress on Mass Transfer during Osmotic Dehydration
  5. Hydrodynamic Mechanisms in Plant Tissues during Mass Transport Operations
  6. Effect of Pretreatment on the Drying Kinetics of Cherry Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum var cerasiforme)
  7. Determination of Concentration Dependent Effective Moisture Diffusivity of Plums Based on Shrinkage Kinetics
  8. Modeling Dehydration Kinetics and Reconstitution Properties of Dried Jalapeño Pepper
  9. Application of Artificial Neural Network for Moisture Transfer Prediction Considering Shrinkage during Drying of Foodstuff
  10. Modeling of Prato Cheese Salting: Fickian and Neural Network Approaches
  11. Influence of Vacuum Pressure on Salt Transport during Brining of Pressed Curd
  12. The Effect of Water Concentration and Water Vapor Pressure on the Water Vapor Permeability and Diffusion of Chitosan Films
  13. Water Vapor Permeability, Water Solubility and Microstructure of Emulsified Starch Alginate Fatty Acid Composite Films
  14. Mass Transport Phenomena during the Recovery of Volatile Compounds by Pervaporation
  15. Ultrasonic Mass Transfer Enhancement in Food Processing
  16. Mass Transfer and Residence Time Studies in Spinning Cone Columns

Heat Transfer

  1. Transport Phenomena during Double-Sided Cooking of Meat Patties
  2. Thermal Processing Particulate Foods by Steam-Injection: Heating Rate Index for Diced Vegetables
  3. Thermal Processing Particulate Foods by Steam-Injection: Convective Surface Heat Transfer Coefficient for Steam
  4. Modeling of Heat Conduction in Elliptical Cross Sections (Oval Shapes) Using Numerical Finite Difference Models
  5. Heat Transfer Coefficient for Model Cookies in a Turbulent Multiple Jet Impingement System
  6. Flow Dynamics and Heat Transfer in Helical Heat Exchangers
  7. Relating Food Frying to Daily Oil Abuse: Determination of Surface Heat Transfer Coefficients with Meatballs

Combined Transfer Phenomena

  1. Relating Food Frying to Daily Oil Abuse: A Practical Approach for Evaluating Product Moisture Loss, Oil Uptake and Heat Transfer
  2. Heat and Mass Transfer During the Frying Process of Donuts
  3. Influence of Liquid Water Transport on Heat and Mass Transfer during Deep-Fat-Frying
  4. Numerical Simulation of Transient. Two-Dimensional Profiles of Temperature, Concentration and Flow of Liquid Food in Can During Sterilization
  5. Heating Behavior of Canned Liquid/Particle Mixtures during End-Over-End Agitation Processing
  6. Dimensionless Correlations for Forced Convection Heat Transfer to Spherical Particles under Tube-Flow Heating Conditions
  7. Heat and Mass Transfer Modeling in Microwave and Spouted Bed Combined Drying of Particulate Food Products


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Transport Phenomena in Food Processing
Edited by Jorge Welti-Chanes
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