Trauma Handbook from C.H.I.P.S.

Sixth edition
edited by David V. Feliciano

Trauma is the most trusted, widely used guide to managing the trauma patient-now in a 2-color format with added algorithms.

This definitive one-stop resource begins with an informative look at the history and epidemiology of trauma surgery, as well as injury prevention, before moving into core topics such as trauma systems, triage, and transport, and managing shock.

The book then delivers a clear, organ-by-organ overview of the treatment of traumatic injuries, from the cranium and brain to pelvic fractures, while covering need-to-know subjects such as anesthesia and infection.


  • The general surgeon's most trusted clinical companion-with expert, high-yield guidance on the standard treatments and modes of management of traumatic injuries
  • Encyclopedic coverage of all clinical issues related to trauma, from pre-hospital care, initial assessment, and airway control, to ensuring optimal trauma outcomes
  • Indications and techniques of thoracotomy and laparotomy
  • Specialized chapters on alcohol and drug-related trauma, pediatric trauma, geriatric trauma, and trauma related to domestic and gang violence
  • Commentaries on each chapter from experts in the field
  • NEW! Additional management algorithms that guide you through the proper diagnosis and management of the trauma patient
  • NEW! 2-color design that makes the content even more easy to navigate
  • NEW! Brand-new chapters including “Acute Care Surgery,” “Gastrointestinal Failure,” “Military Trauma,” and “Weapons of Mass Destruction”


Trauma Overview

  1. History of Trauma care
  2. Epidemiology
  3. Injury Prevention
  4. Trauma Systems, Triage and Transport
  5. Injury Severity Scoring and Outcomes Research
  6. Trauma Outcomes
  7. Kinematics of Trauma

Generalized Approaches to the Traumatized Patient

  1. Prehospital care
  2. Trauma Care in Mass Casualty Incidents
  3. Rural Trauma
  4. Initial Assessment and Management
  5. Airway control
  6. Management of Shock
  7. Transfusion, Autotransfusion, and Blood Substitutes
  8. Emergency Department Thoracotomy
  9. Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology
  10. Surgeon-Perfomed Ultrasound in Trauma and Surgical Critical Care
  11. Anesthesia
  12. Infection

Management of Specific Injuries

  1. The Brain
  2. Injury to the Eye
  3. Face
  4. Management of Acute Neck Injuries
  5. Injury to the Vertebrae and Spinal Cord
  6. Indications for and Techniques of Thoracotomy
  7. Chest Wall and Lung
  8. Esophagus, Trachea, and Bronchus
  9. Trauma to the Heart
  10. Thoracic Great Vessel Injury
  11. Indications for and Techniques for Laparotomy
  12. Injury to the Diaphragm
  13. Liver and Biliary Trace
  14. Injury to the Spleen
  15. Stomach and Small Bowel
  16. Duodenum and Pancreas
  17. Colon and Rectum
  18. Abdominal Vascular Injury
  19. Pelvic Fractures
  20. Genitourinary System
  21. Reproductive System Trauma
  22. Trauma Damage Control
  23. Upper Extremity Injury
  24. Lower Extremity
  25. Peripheral Vascular Injury

Special Problems

  1. Alcohol and Drugs
  2. Pediatric Trauma
  3. Geriatric Trauma
  4. Family and Youth Violence
  5. Wounds, Bites, and Stings
  6. Burns and Radiation Injuries
  7. Temperature-Associated Injuries and Syndromes
  8. Organ Procurement for Transplantation
  9. Reconstructive Surgery after Trauma
  10. Rehabilitation
  11. Modern Combat Casualty Care
  12. Weapons of Mass Destruction
  13. Genetic Influence on Response and Outcome
  14. The Convergence of Trauma, Medicine, and the Law
  15. Acute Care Surgery

Management of Complications after Trauma

  1. Principles of Critical Care
  2. Bleeding and Coagulation Complications
  3. Cardiovascular Failure
  4. Respiratory Insufficiency
  5. Gastrointestinal Failure
  6. Acute Renal Failure
  7. Nutritional Support and Electrolyte Management
  8. The Immune Response
  9. Multiple Organ Failure


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Sixth edition
edited by David V. Feliciano

2008 • 1,430 pages • $214.00 + shipping
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