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Trauma Manual
Trauma and Acute Care Surgery
Third edition
edited by Andrew B. Peitzman

Trauma Manual: Trauma and Acute Care Surgery, 3rd edition guides the trauma team through every aspect of patient care after injury and before, during, and after acute care surgery—from prehospital care, to resuscitation, treatment of specific organ injuries, priorities in intensive care, and management of special situations.

Designed for rapid, on-the-spot information retrieval, this manual will be a staple reference in emergency departments and trauma centers.

Flow charts, algorithms, sequential lists, and tables throughout facilitate quick clinical decision-making. More than 200 illustrations demonstrate specific injuries and procedures. Appendices include organ injury scales, tetanus prophylaxis recommendations, and frequently used forms.


  1. Introduction to Trauma Care
  2. Patterns of Blunt Injury
  3. Patterns of Penetrating Injury
  4. The Physiologic Response to Injury
  5. Shock
  6. Prehospital Care
  7. Air Medical and Interhospital Transport
  8. Trauma Team Activation
  9. Organization Prior to Trauma Team Arrival
  10. Adult Trauma Resuscitation
  11. Airway Management
  12. Vascular Access
  13. Imaging of Trauma Patients
  14. Interventional Radiology in Trauma
  15. Documentation, Coding, Compliance, and EMTELA
  16. Operating Room Practice
  17. Head Injury
  18. Injuries to the Spinal Cord and Spinal Column
  19. Soft Tissue Wounds of the Face
  20. Bony Oral-Maxillofacial Injuries
  21. Ophthalmic Injuries
  22. Penetrating Neck Injury
  23. Blunt Neck Injury
  24. Thoracic Injury
  25. Thoracic Vascular Injury
  26. Abdominal Injury
  27. Abdominal Vascular Injury
  28. Damage Control
  29. Abdominal Compartment Syndrome
  30. Genitourinary Injuries
  31. Orthopedic Injuries
  32. Pelvic Fractures
  33. Hand Injury
  34. Compartment Syndrome
  35. Peripheral Vascular Injuries
  36. Soft-tissue Trauma
  37. ICU Care of the Trauma Patient
  38. Commonly Missed Injuries and Pitfalls
  39. Anesthesia for the Trauma Patient
  40. Pain Management
  41. Hypothermia, Cold Injury, and Drowning
  42. Blood Transfusion
  43. Nutrition/Metabolism
  44. Support of the Organ Donor
  45. Burns/Inhalation Injury
  46. Pediatric Trauma
  47. Care of the Pregnant Trauma Patient
  48. Geriatric Trauma
  49. Rehabilitation after Trauma
  50. Venous Thromboembolism
  51. Disasters/Multicasualty Incidents
  52. Injury Prevention
  53. Miscellaneous Procedures
  54. Introduction to Emergency Surgery
  55. Evaluation of Acute Abdominal Pain
  56. Initial Evaluation and Resuscitation of the General Surgery Patient/Preoperative
  57. Infections of Trauma Patients
  58. The Acute Abdomen in Intensive Care Unit Patients
  59. Vascular Emergencies
  60. Gastrointestinal Bleeding
  61. Esophageal Emergencies
  62. The Gut: Inflammation and Perforation
  63. Bowel Obstruction
  64. Acute Anorectal Pain
  65. Incarcerated Hernias
  66. Acute Cholecystitis, Cholangitis, and Pancreatitis
  67. Obstetric and Gynecologic Emergencies


  • Injury Scales
  • Tetanus Prophylaxis
  • Frequently Used Forms


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Trauma Manual
Trauma and Acute Care Surgery
Third edition
edited by Andrew B. Peitzman

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