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Trade, Food, Diet and Health
Perspectives and Policy Options
edited by Corinna Hawkes

Trade, Food, Diet and Health examines the role global food trade has played in that shift, looking carefully at how the trade of food across national borders, international and regional trade agreements, the process of trade and investment liberalization, and the growth of transnational food corporations affects what people eat and, by implication, their health.

The book presents a critical analysis of the linkages between trade, food and diet in different domains and gives a balanced perspective on the opportunities and risks trade poses for dietary trends. It also offers a practical analysis of the policy options available to address this growing global concern.


Part 1: Introduction and Overview

  1. Trade, Health and Dietary Change
  2. An Overview of Global Food Trade

Part 2: Links Between Trade and Diet

  1. The Influence of Trade Liberalisation and Global Dietary Change: The Case of Vegetable Oils, Meat and Highly Processed Foods
  2. Global Trade of Fruits and Vegetables and the Role of Consumer Demand
  3. International Trade, Food and Diet Costs, and the Global Obesity Epidemic
  4. Trade, Transnational Corporations and Food Consumption: A Global Value Chain Approach
  5. Links Between Supermarkets and Food Prices, Diet Diversity and Food Safety in Developing Countries
  6. The European Union's Common Agricultural Policy and the European Diet: Is There a Link?
  7. The Effect of Trade and Trade Policy on Diet and Health in the Pacific Islands
  8. Food Imports and Dietary Change: A Perspective from ThailandM

Part 3: Policy Options

  1. Tackling Childhood Obesity in an Era of Trade Liberalisation
  2. National Food Regulations and the WTO Agreement on Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures: Implications for Trade-Related Measures to Promote Healthy Diets
  3. The Potential of the Codex Alimentarius to Promote Healthy Diets Worldwide – the Canadian Experience of Implementation
  4. Agricultural Trade Policy Instruments to Promote Healthy Diets in Developing Countries: An Assessment of the Opportunities within the Framework of the WTO Agreement on Agriculture and the Doha Development Agenda
  5. The Impact of International Trade and Investment Rules on the Ability of Governments to Implement Interventions to Address Obesity: A Case Study from the European Charter on Counteracting Obesity

Glossary of Trade Terms

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Trade, Food, Diet and Health
Perspectives and Policy Options
edited by Corinna Hawkes

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