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Transportation Infrastructure Security Utilizing Intelligent Transportation Systems
by Ryan Fries

Transportation Infrastructure Security Utilizing Intelligent Transportation Systems provides a comprehensive treatment of techniques to leverage ITS in support of security and safety for surface transportation infrastructure.

Transportation Infrastructure Security Utilizing Intelligent Transportation Systems includes:

  • Current ITS approaches to security issues such as freight security, disaster and evacuation response, HAZMAT incidents, rail security, and ITS Wide Area Alerts
  • Guidance on the development of a regional transportation security plan
  • Securing ITS itself and privacy issues involved in any collection and use of personally identifiable tracking data
  • Exercises, question-and-answer sections, and other helpful review tools for the reader


1. Need for Surface Transportation Infrastructure Security

  • Vulnerabilities
  • Common Characteristics of Surface Transportation Systems
  • Common Threats to Surface Transportation Systems
  • Defending against Threats Both External and Internal
  • Why Transportation Infrastructure Security Is Important
2. Leveraging ITS to Reduce Risk and Exposure Using ITS Security Areas

  • Disaster Response and Evacuation
  • Freight and Commercial Vehicle Security
  • HAZMAT Security
  • ITS Wide Area Alert
  • Rail Security
  • Transit Security
  • Transportation Infrastructure Security
  • Traveler Security
3. Risk Assessment Framework

  • Risk Assessment Framework
  • Opportunities and Challenges
  • Application of the Framework
4. Application of Risk Assessment and Management Tools

  • Application of Risk Assessment Methods
  • Application of Evacuation Models and Traffic Models for Response Planning
  • Application of Other Methods
5. Fundamentals of Computer Network Security for ITS

  • Elements of Computer Network Security
  • Importance of Computer Network Security
  • Approach to Computer Network Security
  • Computer Network Security in ITS
  • Network Security Objectives
  • Future of Network Security and Its Impacts on Securing ITS Network
6. Securing ITS

  • Security Objectives
  • Security Threats
  • Security Services
  • Securing ITS Subsystems
  • Securing Communications between Subsystems
  • Security and ITS Standards
7. ITS Security Areas and Multimodal Transportation Security

  • Protecting People
  • Protecting Vehicles and Infrastructure
  • Protecting Freight
8. Process for Developing A Regional Transportation Security Plan

  • Developing a Regional Transportation Security Architecture
  • Developing a Project Security Plan
9. Issues and Opportunities for Transportation Infrastructure Security

  • ITS Security versus Privacy
  • Public and Private Roles
  • Stakeholder Cooperation and Coordination Requirements
  • Funding Sources and Constraints
  • Human Resources
  • Future Directions and Opportunities


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Transportation Infrastructure Security Utilizing Intelligent Transportation Systems
by Ryan Fries
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