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Turbine Steam Path
Volume Two
Maintenance and Repair
by William P. Sanders

Turbine Steam Path provides analysis to repair and refurbishment options currently accessible that will keep turbines operating with high levels of availability and improved efficiency.

Also provided are details on estimating financial penalties associated with leakage from damaged turbines, which can reduce the cost of power.

A full analysis of quality and inspection of manufactured elements to replace damaged components is included as well.


7. Operating Damage Mechanisms and Refurbishment Techniques for Stationary Components

  • Stationary Blade Row Geometry
  • Operating Phenomena Affecting the Stationary Blade System
  • Diaphragm Vane Repair Methods
  • Determination of Stage Discharge Area and Angle
  • The Computation of Adjustments
  • Diaphragm Thermal Distortion
  • Repair Methods for the Diaphragm Sidewalls
  • Correction of the Diaphragm Sidewalks
  • Damage to the Outer Rings
  • Weld Repair of the Horizontal Joints
  • Stationary Blade Damage
  • Components of the Castings
  • Casing Operating Problems and Repair Methods

8. Refurbishment Techniques for Rotating Blades

  • Steam Path Cleaning
  • Blade Inlet Edge Erosion Damage
  • Moment Weighing of Refurbished Blades
  • Erosion Shield Cracks
  • Blade Trailing-Edge Erosion
  • Solid-Particle Erosion by Oxide Scale
  • Erosion Resistant Coatings
  • Solid-Particle Peening
  • Massive Particle Damage
  • Corrosion Effects
  • Rotating-Blade Refurbishment
  • Water Induction
  • Fretting Corrosion

9. Damage Mechanisms Arising from Operation and Refurbishing Techniques for Rotating Components

  • The Rotating Components
  • Coverband Damage, Repair, and Refurbishment Methods
  • Tie Wires Damage, Repair, and Refurbishment Methods
  • Fusion Techniques for Rotating Blades and Stage Hardware
  • Common Rotor Damage Mechanisms
  • Bends Induced in the Turbine Rotor
  • Blade Root Steeples and the Wheel Rim
  • corrective Action for Rotor Rim Damage
  • Rotor Weld Repair
  • Considerations of the Weld Repair Process

10. Seals, Glands, and Sealing Systems

  • Steam Path Seals
  • Functions of the Steam-Sealing System
  • Steam Leakage Through Labyrinth Seals
  • Quantifying Labyrinth Leakage
  • The Economics of Seal Maintenance
  • Forms of the Seal Knife Edge Discharge Coefficients
  • Forms of the Seal Strip and its Trimming
  • Insertion and Securing of Seal Strips
  • Seal Strip and Gland Ring Materials
  • Gland System Operating Problems

11. Quality Assurance for Replacement and Refurbished Steam-Turbine Components

  • Responsibility for Quality
  • Definition of Quality
  • Definitions of Performance
  • The Design Specification
  • Reverse Engineering
  • The Qualtiy Assurance Program
  • The QA Manual
  • The Engineering Review
  • The Responsibility and Administration of a QA Program
  • The Inspection and Test Plan
  • Purchaser Assurance of Quality
  • Product Surveillance
  • Nonconforming Situations
  • Available QA Program
  • The Machining of Turbine Components

12. The Manufacture and Inspection Requirements of Steam Turbine Blades

  • Radial Alignment of Rotating Blades
  • Blade Manufacturing Processes
  • Profile and Cascade Tolerances
  • Profile and Placement Errors
  • Passage Swallowing Capacity
  • Special Processes Applied to the Vane
  • Blade Root Tolerances
  • Factors Influencing Blade Pitch Errors
  • Requirements to Accommodate Stage Hardware


Thermodynamics and the Mollier Enthalpy-Entropy Diagram for Water/Steam

  • The Physical Properties of Water/Steam
  • The Gas Equations
  • The Heating and Expansion of Steam
  • The Entropy of Steam
  • Reversibility
  • Steam Properties and Diagrammatic Representation
  • The Basic Power Cycles


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Turbine Steam Path
Volume II
Maintenance and Repair
by William P. Sanders

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