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Textbook of Hemophilia
Second edition
edited by Christine A. Lee

Textbook of Hemophilia is an invaluable resource for all those managing hemophilia patients. It covers all the common and rare bleeding disorders, both in terms of clinical management as well as the genetic, laboratory, financial and psychological aspects.


  • how to assess both bleeding children and adults
  • Haemophilia A and B
  • molecular basis of the disease
  • the role of factors in coagulation
  • epidemiology
  • pharmacokinetics
  • treatment of inhibitors

This second edition covers all the latest developments in the field of hemophilia, with new chapters on:

  • the genetic and molecular basis of inherited blood disorders
  • how to manage adolescent and older patients
  • emergency medicine and inherited blood disorders
  • national hemophilia databases


Part I: Introduction

  1. Overview of Hemostasis
  2. Cellular processing of Factor VIII and Factor IX

Part II: Hemophilia A

  1. Molecular Basis of Hemophilia A
  2. Phenotypic/genotypic relationship
  3. Prophylaxis
  4. Continuous Infusion of Coagulation Products in Hemophilia

Part III: Inhibitors to Factor VIII

  1. Inhibitors to Factor VIII - Immunology
  2. Genetic and environmental risk factors for FVIII inhibitor development
  3. Inhibitors to Factor VIII - Mild and Moderate Hemophilia
  4. Inhibitors to Factor VIII/IX: Immune Tolerance
  5. Inhibitors to factor VIII: treatment of acute bleeds

Part IV: Acquired Hemophilia

  1. Acquired Inhibitors to Factor VIII

Part V: Hemophilia B

  1. Hemophilia B - Molecular Basis
  2. Factor IX Inhibitors in Hemophilia B
  3. Treatment of Inhibitors in Hemophilia B

Part VI: Pharmacokinetics of Factors VIII & IX

  1. Pharmacokinetics

Part VII: Hemophilia - birth to old age

  1. The Neonate with Hemophilia
  2. Work-up of a Bleeding Child
  3. Care of the Child with Hemophilia
  4. Adolescence
  5. Old age medicine and hemophilia

Part VIII: Products used to Treat Hemophilia

  1. Products Used to Treat Hemophilia: Recombinant Products
  2. Products Used to Treat Hemophilia: Plasma-Derived Coagulation Factor Concentrates
  3. Products Used to Treat Hemophilia: Recombinant Factor VIIa
  4. Products Used to Treat Hemophilia: Dosing
  5. Products Used to Treat Hemophilia: Regulation

Part IX: Musculoskeletal

  1. Joint Replacement
  2. Synovioarthesis in Hemophilia
  3. Pseudotumours in patients with Hemophilia
  4. Imaging modalities for assessment of hemophilic arthropathy
  5. Physiotherapy in the Management of Hemophilia
  6. Clinimetric Instruments in Haemophilia

Part X: Transfusion-Transmitted Disease

  1. Hepatitis C Virus Infection and Liver Transplantation
  2. Emerging Infections

Part XI: Gene Therapy

  1. Hemophilia Gene Therapy
  2. Gene Therapy Trials
  3. Gene Therapy: Molecular Engineering of Factor VIII and Factor IX

Part XII: Laboratory

  1. Laboratory Assays in Hemophilia
  2. Standardization of Assays
  3. Global laboratory assays in Haemophilia

Part XIII: Obstetrics & Gynaecology

  1. Obstetrics and Gynecology: Hemophilia

Part XIV: Von Willebrand Disease

  1. von Willebrand Disease: Molecular Aspects
  2. von Willebrand Disease: Epidemiology
  3. von Willebrand Disease: Biological Diagnosis
  4. Classification and Clinical Aspects of von Willebrand Disease

Part XV: Treatment of Von Willebrand Disease

  1. Treatment of von Willebrand Disease: Desmopressin
  2. Treatment of von Willebrand Disease: Therapeutic Concentrates
  3. Women & Von Willebrand Disease

Part XVI: Rare Bleeding Disorders

  1. Factor II
  2. Factor V and combined Factor V and VIII Deficiencies
  3. Congenital Factor VII Deficiency
  4. Factor X Deficiency
  5. Factor XI Deficiency
  6. Factor XIII Deficiency
  7. Fibrinogen Deficiency
  8. Miscellaneous Rare Bleeding Disorders

Part XVII: Emergency medicine

  1. Emergency Medicine and Inherited Blood Disorders

Part XVIII: Quality of Life

  1. Quality of Life in Hemophilia

Part XIX: Economics

  1. The Economics of Hemophilia Treatments

Part XX: Comprehensive Care and Delivery of Care

  1. National Haemophilia Databases
  2. Comprehensive Care and the Delivery of Care: The Developed World
  3. Comprehensive care and delivery of care in haemophilia: The Developing World
  4. Comprehensive Care and Delivery of Care: The Global Perspective


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Textbook of Hemophilia
edited by Christine A. Lee
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