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Textbook and Color Atlas of Traumatic Injuries to the Teeth
4th edition
edited by Jens O. Andreasen

Textbook and Color Atlas of Traumatic Injuries to the Teeth encompasses the full scope of acute dental trauma, including all aspects of inter-disciplinary treatment.

Clinical treatment is put into context with coverage on prevention of traumatic injuries, cost-benefit considerations, and psycho-social aspects of dental trauma.

Prognosis is carefully discussed, and is presented along with information specially designed for dissemination to patients and third parties.

The role of established clinical therapies has been vigorously updated and new chapters have been added to reflect esthetic procedures including bleaching of discolored teeth, and the use of minimally invasive veneers.

Other topics new for consideration in this volume include: the optimization of pulp and periodontal healing, splinting of teeth, and the use of Mineral Trioxide Aggregate in endodontic interventions.


  1. Wound Healing Subsequent to Injury
  2. Response of Oral Tissues to Trauma
  3. Stem Cells and Regeneration of Injured Dental Tissue
  4. Osteoclastic Activity
  5. Physical and Chemical Methods to Optimize Pulpal and Periodontal Healing after Traumatic Injuries
  6. Socio-psychological Aspects of Traumatic Dental Injuries
  7. Child Physical Abuse
  8. Classification, Epidemiology and Etiology
  9. Examination and Diagnosis of Dental Injuries
  10. Crown Fractures
  11. Crown-Root Fractures
  12. Root Fracture
  13. Luxation Injuries of Permanent Teeth: General Findings
  14. Concussion and Subluxation
  15. Extrusive Luxation and Lateral Luxation
  16. Intrusive Luxation
  17. Avulsions
  18. Injuries to the Supporting Bone
  19. Injuries to the Primary Dentition
  20. Injuries to Developing Teeth
  21. Soft Tissue Injuries
  22. Endodontic Management and the Use of Calcium Hydroxyde in Traumatized Permanent Teeth
  23. New Endodontic Procedures using Mineral Trioxide Aggregate (MTA) for Teeth with Traumatic Injuries
  24. Orthodontic Management of the Traumatized Dentition
  25. Restoration of Traumatized Teeth with Resin Composites
  26. Resin-related Bridges and Conventional Bridges in the Anterior Region
  27. Autotransplantation of Teeth to the Anterior Region
  28. Implants in the Anterior Region
  29. Esthetic Considerations in Restoring the Traumatized Dentition: a Biological Approach
  30. Prevention of Dental and Oral Injuries
  31. Prognosis of Traumatic Dental Injuries
  32. Splinting of Traumatized Teeth
  33. Bleaching of the Discoloured Traumatized Tooth
  34. Economical Aspects of Traumatic Dental Injuries
  35. Information to the Public, Patients and Emergency Services about Traumatic Dental Injuries


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Textbook and Color Atlas of
Traumatic Injuries to the Teeth

4th edition
edited by J.O. Andreasen

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