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Ullmann's Processes
and Process Engineering

3 Volume Set

Ullmann's Processes and Process Engineering is tailor-made for anyone interested in industrial chemical processes, unit operations, process engineering, reactor design and optimization.

Based on the very latest edition of the 40-volume Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry, the contents represent an up-to-date source of information. The detailed and thoroughly edited articles are written by renowned experts from industry and academia.

This 3 Volume Set provides coverage on all aspects of processes an process engineering. To simplify the presentation and discussion, the various unit and engineering operations are grouped under the main headings:

  • Separation Processes
  • Separation and Classification
  • Mixing
  • Particle Technology
  • Heat Generation
  • Processes under Special Conditions
  • Principles of Process Engineering
  • Reactor Types

A keyword index and an author index complete the contents of this handbook. Top-quality illustrations, clear diagrams and charts combined with the extensive use of tables enhance the presentation and provide a unique level of detail.

Thus, Ullmann's Processes and Process Engineering is an invaluable and convenient source of information for chemical engineers, chemists, patent attorneys, marketing manager and all those involved in the chemical process industry.


    Volume 1: Separation Processes
  1. Separation Processes, Introduction
  2. Heat Exchange
  3. Evaporation
  4. Distillation and Rectification
  5. Reactive Distillation
  6. Sublimation
  7. Liquid-Liquid Extraction
  8. Liquid-Solid Extraction
  9. Absorption
  10. Adsorption
  11. Dust Separation
  12. Membranes and Membrane Separation Processes
  13. Process-Scale Chromatography
  14. Biochemical Separations

    Volume 2: Separation and Classification—Solid-Liquid Separation

  15. Solid-Liquid Separation, Introduction
  16. Filtration
  17. Centrifuges, Filtering
  18. Sedimentation
  19. Centrifuges, Sedimenting
  20. Hydrocyclones
    Separation and Classification—Solid-Solid Separation
  21. Solid-Solid Separation, Introduction
  22. Screening
  23. Elutriation
  24. Air Classifying
  25. Mineral Sorting
  26. Magnetic Separation
  27. Electrostatic Separation
  28. Electrochemical and Chemical Deposition
  29. Gravity Concentration
  30. Dense-Medium Separation
  31. Flotation
  32. Mixing, Introduction
  33. Stirring
  34. Continuous Mixing of Fluids
  35. Mixing of Highly Viscous Media
  36. Mixing of Solids
    Particle Technology
  37. Solids Technology, Introduction
  38. Particle Size Analysis and Characterization of a Classification Process
  39. Crystallization and Precipitation
  40. Drying of Solid Materials
  41. Dry Cleaning
  42. Size Reduction
  43. Spraying and Atomizing of Liquids
  44. Size Enlargement
  45. Solids Handling
    Heat Generation
  46. Pinch Technology
  47. Combustion
  48. Electrically Generated Heat
  49. Radiation Heating
  50. Cooling Tower Technology
  51. Direct Heating with Circulating Heat Carriers

    Volume 3: Processes under Special Conditions

  52. Refrigeration Technology
  53. Cryogenic Technology
  54. High-Pressure Technology
  55. Vacuum Technology
  56. Sonochemistry
    Principles of Process Engineering
  57. Principles of Chemical Reaction Engineering
  58. Biochemical Engineering
  59. Model Reactors and Their Design Equations
    Reactor Types
  60. Reactor Types and Their Industrial Applications
  61. Stirred-Tank and Loop Reactors
  62. Tubular Reactors
  63. Fixed-Bed Reactors
  64. Fluidized-Bed Reactors
  65. Bubble Columns
  66. Three-Phase Trickle-Bed Reactors
  67. Reaction Columns
  68. Thin-Film Reactors
  69. Metallurgical Furnaces
  70. Chromatographic Reactors
  71. Membrane Reactors
  72. Microreactors

Author Index
Subject Index

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Ullmann's Processes and Process Engineering
3 Volume Set

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