Anesthesia/Pain Management Book from C.H.I.P.S.

Ultrasound-Guided Regional Anesthesia and Pain Management
edited by Paul Bigeleisen

This full-color text/atlas describes all of the nerve blocks for which ultrasound guidance has proved efficacious, including upper and lower limb blocks. The chapter organization is similar to Chelly's Peripheral Nerve Blocks book: each block is described by concise text covering the indications for use, necessary equipment, anatomic landmarks, approach, and technique. The blocks are richly illustrated by ultrasound stills and relevant anatomy.


Fundamentals of Equipment, Ultrasound and Microanatomy

  1. Equipment
  2. From Paresthesia to Neurostimulation and Ultrasound-Guided Regional Anesthesia
  3. Principles of Sonography
  4. Microanatomy of the Peripheral Nervous System and Its Implications for Paravertebral and Peripheral Nerve Blocks
  5. Ultrasound-Guided Intraneural Injection: A Powerful Tool for Regional Anesthesia

Upper Extremity Blocks

  1. Ultrasound-Guided Interscalene Block Using the Posterior Approach
  2. Ultrasound-Guided Interscalene Block
  3. Ultrasound-Guided Supraclavicular Block
  4. Ultrasound-Guided Infraclavicular Block
  5. Ultrasound-Guided Axillary Block
  6. Blocks at the Elbow and Forearm

Lower Extremity Blocks

  1. Ultrasound-Guided Lumbar Plexus Block (Transverse Approach)
  2. Ultrasound-Guided Inguinal Nerve Block
  3. Ultrasound-Guided Transverse Abdominis Plane Block
  4. Ultrasound-Guided Femoral Nerve Block
  5. Ultrasound-Guided Lateral Femoral Cutaneous Block
  6. Ultrasound-Guided Saphenous Nerve Block
  7. Ultrasound-Guided Obturator Nerve Block
  8. Ultrasound-Guided Parasacral Block
  9. Ultrasound-Guided Anterior Sciatic Nerve Block
  10. Subgluteal Sciatic Block
  11. Ultrasound-Guided Popliteal Sciatic Block
  12. Ultrasound-Guided Ankle Block

Central Blocks

  1. Ultrasound for Labor Epidural Placement
  2. Ultrasound-Guided Thoracic Paravertebral Block

Pediatric Anesthesia

  1. Fundamentals of Ultrasound-Guided Pediatric Regional Anesthesia
  2. Ultrasound-Guided Brachial Plexus Blockade in Infants and Children
  3. Ultrasound-Guided Regional Anesthesia of the Thorax, Trunk, and Abdomen Including Caudal Epidural Block in Infants and Children
  4. Ultrasound-Guided Lower Extremity Blockade in Children

Pain Blocks

  1. Ultrasound-Guided Maxillary Nerve Block
  2. Ultrasound-Guided Mandibular Nerve Block
  3. Stellate Ganglion Block
  4. Ultrasound-Guided Cervical Sympathetic Block
  5. Endoscopic Celiac Ganglion Block
  6. Ultrasound-Guided Superior Hypogastric Plexus Block
  7. Ultrasound-Guided Lumbar (L1-L4) Zygapophysial Medial Branch and L5 Dorsal Ramus Block

The Future of Ultrasound

  1. The Future of Sonography
  2. Identification of Nerves on Ultrasound Scans Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Vision
  3. Acoustic Radiation Force Imaging in Regional Anesthesia
  4. Impedance Neurography
  5. Evaluation of Thoracic Paravertebral and Lumbar Plexus Anatomy Using a 3D Ultrasound Probe
  6. Optimum Design of Echogenic Needles for Ultrasound Guided Nerve Block
  7. Identification of Nerves in Ultrasound Scans Using a Modified Mumford-Shah Model and Prior Information


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Ultrasound-Guided Regional Anesthesia
and Pain Management

edited by Paul Bigeleisen
2010 (available now) 320 pages $138.00 + shipping
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