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Variants and Pitfalls in Body Imaging
Thoracic, Abdominal and Women's Imaging
Second edition
edited by Ali Shirkhoda

Variants and Pitfalls in Body Imaging, Second edition is the key to identifying features on images that can impede accurate diagnosis, particularly normal anatomic variants and technical artifacts that mimic pathology.

Covering the abdomen, pelvis, and thorax and all current imaging modalities, this sourcebook explains how to differentiate normal anatomic variants, technical artifacts, and other diagnostic pitfalls from pathologic conditions.

Organized by site for easy reference, the book covers CT, MRI, ultrasound, and nuclear medicine. This edition includes advanced technologies such as multidetector CT scanning for cardiovascular imaging, CT and MR enterography for enterocolitis, virtual colonoscopy, CT and MR urography, prostate and breast MR imaging, and PET/CT scanning. The authors walk the reader through specific body areas, describing problems, solutions, and relevant anatomy.


Section I: The Thorax

  1. The Lungs and the Pleura: High-Resolution and Conventional CT
  2. Intrathoracic Vessels and the Pericardium
  3. Heart and the Coronary Arteries
  4. The Diaphragm

Section II: Abdominal and Gastrointestinal

  1. Anatomic Variants and Congenital Anomalies of the Liver
  2. Multidetector CT Scanning of the Liver
  3. Mr Imaging of the Liver
  4. Liver Ultrasound
  5. CT and Ultrasound of the Gallbladder and the Bile Ducts
  6. The Pancreas
  7. Magnetic Resonance Cholangiopancreatography (MRCP)
  8. The Spleen
  9. The Gastrointestinal Tract: CT
  10. CT Enterography and CT Enteroclysis
  11. CT Colonography (Virtual Colonoscopy)
  12. MR Enterography and MR Enteroclysis
  13. The Peritoneum, Retroperitoneum, and Their Fascial Planes
  14. Abdominal and Pelvic Vessels
  15. Magnetic Resonance Angiography: Protocols, Pitfalls, and Artifacts in the Abdomen and Pelvis

Section III: Geritourinary and Women's Imaging

  1. The Adrenal Glands
  2. CT and MRI of the Kidneys
  3. Renal Ultrasound
  4. CT and MR Urography
  5. the Bladder, Prostate and the Testis
  6. Prostate MRI
  7. The Female Pelvis
  8. Obstetrical Ultrasound
  9. Fetal MRI
  10. MRI of the Breast
  11. Breast Sonography

Section IV: Changes after Surgery or Radiation

  1. The Lungs: Postoperative and Postradiation Changes
  2. Abdomen and Pelvis: Changes on CT as a Result of Surgery, Chemotherapy, and Interventional Procedures

Section V: Positron Emission Tomography (PET)

  1. PET and PET-CT Scanning of the Thorax, Abdomen and Pelvis

Section VI: Addominal and Pelvic Bones and Soft Tissue

  1. Musculoskeletal System in the Thorax, Abdomen and Pelvis
  2. The Thoracoabdominal and Pelvic Musculoskeleton in Pediatrics

Section VII: Physical Principles of Artifacts

  1. Physical Principles of MR Imaging Artifacts
  2. Physical Principles of CT Imaging Artifacts
  3. Physical Principles and Clinical Impacts of Ultrasound Artifacts


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Variants and Pitfalls in Body Imaging
Thoracic, Abdominal and Women's Imaging
Second edition
edited by Ali Shirkhoda

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