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Vitamin D in Dermatology
edited by Knud Kragballe

Expands the classic view of vitamin D action to include important effects on cellular proliferation, differentiation, and the immune system and covers the application of vitamin D therapy to a range of skin diseases.This reference comprehensively covers the most recent findings on the biochemistry of vitamin D and its biologically active form, vitamin D 3 (VD), in the skin detailing the extensive therapeutic benefits of VD and synthetic VD analogs, particularly in the treatment of psoriasis.

The only up-to-date monograph on dermatological vitamin D behavior from both molecular and clinical perspectives.

Written by over 35 world-renowned researchers and clinicians, Vitamin D in Dermatology features:

  • highlights calcipotriol/calcipotriene, calcitriol, and tacalcitol and other antipsoriatic treatments
  • illuminates the photochemistry and immunohistochemistry of vitamin D in the epidermis
  • examines VD analogs that inhibit angiogenesis of skin cancers
  • showcases vitamin D regulation of hair growth in vitro and against chemotherapy-induced alopecia
  • evaluates the effectiveness of calcipotriol in combination with corticosteroids such as halobetasol
  • explores VD or its analogs as a therapy for progressive systemic sclerosis and localized scleroderma
  • assesses the calcemic action of vitamin D, relating cutaneous production of VD to its function in regulating bone mineral homeostasis
  • and more!

Featuring over 40 color photographs,Vitamin D in Dermatology is a vitally important resource for clinical and research dermatologists, cosmetic scientists and technologists, pharmaceutical scientists, endocrinologists, pharmacists, pediatricians, and medical school students in these disciplines.


  1. Mechanisms of Action and Metabolism
    • Molecular Mechanisms of Action of Vitamin D
    • The Vitamin D Receptor and Its Regulation in the Skin
    • Photobiology of Vitamin D3
    • Metabolism of Vitamin D and Its Role in Calcium Metabolism

  2. Target Cells and Actions in the Skin
    • Effect of Vitamin D on Keratinocyte Proliferation and Differentiation
    • Vitamin D and the Hair Follicle
    • Effect of Vitamin D on Melanocytes and Its Role in Melanogenesis
    • Modulation of Immunocytes by Vitamin D
    • Effect of Vitamin D on Langerhans Cells
    • Interaction of Vitamin D and Retinoids

  3. Therapeutic Use in Psoriasis
    • Chemistry and Pharmacology of Calcipotriol
    • Monotherapy Including Long-Term Therapy with Calcipotriol
    • Combination Therapy: Calcipotriol and Corticosteroids
    • Calcipotriol/Calcipotriene (Dovonex/Daivonex) in Combination with Phototherapy
    • Combination of Calcipotriol with Systemic Antipsoriatic Treatments
    • Treatment of Scalp, Face, and Skin Folds with Calcipotriol
    • Skin Tolerability of Calcipotriol
    • Safety of Calcipotriol
    • Safety and Efficacy of Calcipotriol in Children
    • Clinical Use of Topical and Oral Calcitriol for Treating Psoriasis
    • Long-Term Therapy and Safety of Calcitriol
    • Chemistry and Pharmacology of Tacalcitol
    • Japanese Experience with Tacalcitol
    • European Experience with Tacalcitol

  4. Therapeutic Use in Other Skin Diseases
    • Vitamin D Analogs in Ichthyosis and Other Disorders of Keratinization
    • Role of Vitamin D and Analogs in Local and Systemic Scleroderma
    • Experience with Vitamin D Analogs in Cutaneous Malignancies


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Vitamin D in Dermatology
edited by Knud Kragballe

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