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Water Activity in Foods
Fundamentals and Applications
edited by Gustavo V. Barbosa-Cánovas

Water Activity in Foods: Fundamentals and Applications is a one-of-a-kind reference text that brings together an international group of food scientists, chemists, and engineers to present a broad but thorough coverage of an important factor known to influence the attributes of foods - water activity.

Topics have been carefully selected to provide a comprehensive understanding of the mechanisms by which water activity influences the quality, shelf life, and safety of food products. Other approaches for studying water relations in foods are also discussed including the polymer science approach and water mobility by nuclear magnetic resonance.

Concepts in the practical uses and applications of water activity for food formulation, processing, and storage are generously illustrated with practical examples from the food industry that will facilitate later application by professionals in their own laboratories and production facilities.

Progressing from the scientific to the practical, the book examines the fundamentals and relationships of water activity, ranging from glass transition theory and the measurement of moisture content, water activity, and isotherms, to ways in which water activity affects microorganisms, chemical reaction rates and physical properties, to moisture gain and loss through packaging, water activity as a hurdle, and applications of water activity management in the food industry and non-food systems.


  1. Introduction - Historical Highlights of Water Activity Research
  2. Water Activity - Fundamentals and Relationships
  3. Water Activity and Glass Transition
  4. Water Mobility in Foods
  5. Water Activity Prediction and Moisture Sorption Isotherms
  6. Measurement of Water Activity, Moisture Sorption Isotherms, and Moisture Content of Foods
  7. Moisture Effects on Food Chemical Stability
  8. Water Activity and Physical Stability
  9. Diffusion and Sorption Kinetics of Water in Foods
  10. Effects of Water Activity on Microbial Stability - as a Hurdle in Food Preservation
  11. Principles of Intermediate-Moisture Foods and Related Technology
  12. Desorption Phenomena in Food Dehydration Processes
  13. Applications of Water Activity Management in the Food Industry
  14. Applications of Water Activity in Non-Food Systems
  15. The Future of Water Activity in Food Processing and Preservation


  • Water Activity of Saturated Salt Solutions
  • Water Activity of Unsaturated Salt Solutions at 25°C
  • Water Activity and Isotherm Equations
  • Minimum Water Activity Limits for Growth of Microorganisms
  • Water Activity Values of Selected Food Ingredients and Products
  • Water Activity Values of Select Consumer and Pharmaceutical Products


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Water Activity in Foods
Fundamentals and Applications
edited by Gustavo V. Barbosa-Cánovas

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