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Water Reuse for Irrigation
Agriculture, Landscapes, and Turf Grass
edited by Valentina Lazarova

Water Reuse for Irrigation provides guidelines that facilitate the successful planning and operation of water reuse projects.


  • Offers a holistic approach that encompasses technical, economic, agronomic, environmental, and regulatory insight from an international team of experts
  • Includes case studies on recycled water irrigation as applied in Mexico, Spain, and the USA
  • Details codes of practice of landscape and golf course irrigation


Challenges of Sustainable Irrigation with Recycled Water

  • Managing Water Security by Water Reuse
  • Objectives and Content of the Book
  • Role of Water Reuse for Irrigation
  • Benefits and Constraints of Irrigation With Recycled Water
  • Main Specifities of Water Reuse Planning
  • The World Experience on Irrigation With Recycled Water
  • Management Actions for Improvement of Irrigation With Recycled Water

Water Quality Considerations

  • Parameters with Health Signigicance
  • Parameters with Agronomics Significance
  • Sampling and Monitoring Strategies

International Health Guidelines and Regulations

  • WHO Guidelines for Irrigation
  • USEPA Guidelines for Water Reuse
  • California Water Recycling Criteria
  • Other Water Reuse Regulations
  • Standards for Urban Uses of Recycled Water and Landscape Irrigation
  • Standard Enforcement and Perspectives

Code of Practices for Health Considerations

  • Specific Wastewater Treatment for Reuse Purposes
  • Control of Recycled Water Application
  • Humane Exposure Control

Code of Successful Agronomic Practices

  • Amount of Water Used for Irrigation
  • General Water Quality Guidelines for Maximum Crop Production
  • Choice of Management Strategy of Irrigation with Recycled Water Selection of Irrigation Method
  • Crop Selection and Management
  • Code of Management Practices of Water Application

Codes of Practices for Landscape and Golf Course Irrigation

  • Benefits and Constraints of the Use of Recycled Water for Landscape Irrigation
  • Effects of Recycled Water on Turfgrass
  • Best Practices for Golf Course Irrigation
  • Prevention of Adverse Effects of Recycled Water on Turfgrass
  • Management of Adverse Effect of Water Reuse on Soils
  • Recommendations to Avoid Adverse Effects of Water Reuse on Groundwater
  • Economic and Financial Aspects of Landscape Irrigation
  • Customer Acceptance of Recycled Water for Irrigation of Landscaping and Golf Courses

Wastewater Treatment for Water Recycling

  • Physico-Chemical Treatment of Wastewater
  • Biological Wastewater Treatment Processes
  • Advanced Biofilm Technologies
  • Non Conventional Natural Systems
  • Advanced Tertiary Treatment and Disinfection
  • Criteria for Selection of Appropriate Polishing Process Before Irrigation

Adverse Effects of Sewage Irrigation on Plants, Crops, Soil and Groundwater

  • Toward Healthy Environment and Sustainable Development
  • Main Compounds with Potential Adverse Effect When Using Recycling Water for Irrigation
  • Behavior of Some Compounds During Irrigation with Sewage Effluent
  • Salt and Groundwater Water Table Management for Sustainable Irrigation

Economics of Water Recycling for Irrigation

  • General Principles
  • Financial Analysis
  • Economical Analysis
  • Benefits of Recycled Water for Irrigation
  • Factors Influencing Irrigation Benefits
  • Components of Recycling Systems for Irrigation
  • Irrigation Water Supply Options
  • Water Recycling Options
  • Costs of Water Recycling Options
  • Prices for Recycled Water
  • Function of Water Prices
  • Criteria for Setting Prices for Recycled Water
  • Pricing Instruments
  • Examples of Recycled Water Prices

Community and Institutional Engagement in Agricultural Water Reuse Projects

  • Public Perceptions of Water Reuse for Agricultural Production
  • Institutional Barriers
  • Models for Participative Planning
  • Participative Planning Processes for Water Reuse Projects

Institutional Issues of Irrigation and Recycled Water

  • Ownership of Water, Wastewater and Recycled Water
  • Wastewater Regulations
  • Planning and Implementation Issues
  • Program Management

Case Studies of Irrigation with Recycled Water

  • El Mezquital, Mexico: The Largest Irrigation District Using Wastewater
  • Water Reuse for Golf Course Irrigation in Costa Brava, Spain
  • Monterey County Water Recycling Projects: A Case Study in Irrigation Water Supply for Food Crop Irrigation

Conclusions and Summaries of Practices for Irrigation with Recycled Water

  • Assessment of the Feasibility of Using Recycled Water for Irrigation
  • Good Agronomic Practices for Irrigation with Recycled Water
  • Negative Impacts of Irrigation Water on Plants and Main Corrective Actions
  • Management Practices and Corrective Actions for Improvement of the Operation of Water Reuse Treatment Schemes
  • Successful Participation Programmes for Improvement of Public Acceptance
  • Successful Initiatives to Address Legal and Institutional Issues


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Water Reuse for Irrigation
Agriculture, Landscapes, and Turf Grass
edited by Valentina Lazarova

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