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Water Supply Systems Security
by Larry W. Mays

A must for engineers, professors, and water utility managers involved in the security of water supply systems!

Written by a team of experts, Water Supply Systems Security is the first book to provide comprehensive, state-of-the-art coverage of the safety and security of water supply systems.

This unique and authoritative compendium presents detailed coverage of the major infrastructure issues in water system security.

Topics range from vulnerability assessment to safeguards against cyber threats to hydraulic network analysis for contamination response. Each chapter provides professional guidance on designing, operating, maintaining, and rehabilitating water systems to ensure state-of-the-art and security.

Features include:

  • Overview of methodologies for reliability analysis and assessment of vulnerability to terrorist attack and for emergency response planning.
  • Monitoring and modeling methods for early warning systems that enhance security
  • Specialized remote monitoring equipment, networks, and optimal location of control and isolation valves
  • Organizational frameworks and procedures for improving the security and safety of water supply systems
  • Options for emergency preparedness, including water supply for nonconventional times and contamination responses
  • Case studies from the field: a reconstruction of historical contamination events
  • Security hardware and surveillance systems


  1. Water Supply Safety and Security: An Introduction
  2. Microbiological Contaminants and Threats of Concern
  3. Chemical Contaminants and Threats of Concern
  4. Drinking Water Distribution Systems
  5. Water Supply Cyber Threats and SCADA Systems
  6. Assessing the Risks of Drinking-Water Supplies from Terrorist Attacks
  7. Methodologies for Reliability Analysis and Vulnerability Assessment
  8. Development of a Consortium for Water Security and Safety: The Need for Establishing an Early Warning System
  9. Remote Monitoring and Network Models: Their Potential for Protecting the Nation’s Water Supplies
  10. Modeling Water Quality in Drinking Water Distribution Systems: Its Potential for Enhancing Water Security
  11. Source Water: Early Warning Systems and Monitoring
  12. Security Hardware and Surveillance Systems for Water Supply Systems
  13. Optimal Location of Control and Isolation Valves
  14. Development of the Next Generation of Chem/Bio Detection
  15. Hydraulic and Water Quality Modeling for Contamination Response
  16. Emergency Response Planning
  17. Emergency Water Supply in Non-Conventional Times

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Water Supply Systems Security
by Larry W. Mays
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