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Water Reuse
Issues Technologies and Applications
by Takashi Asano

An Integrated Approach to Managing the World's Water Resources!

Water Reuse equips water/wastewater professionals with a definitive account of the latest water reclamation, recycling, and reuse theory and practice.

It presents an integrated approach to all aspects of water reuse—from public health protection to water quality criteria and regulations to advanced technology to implementation issues.

Filled with over 500 detailed illustrations and photographs, Water Reuse: Issues, Technology, and Applications features:

  • In-depth coverage of cutting-edge water reclamation and reuse applications
  • Current issues and developments in public health and environmental protection criteria, regulations, and risk management
  • Review of current advanced treatment technologies, new developments, and practices
  • Special emphasis on process reliability and multiple barrier concepts approach
  • Consideration of satellite and decentralized water reuse facilities
  • Consideration of planning and public participation of water reuse


Part 1: Water Reuse: An Introduction

  1. Water Issues: Current Status and the Role of Water Reclamation and Reuse
  2. Water Reuse: Past and Current Practices

Part 2: Health and Environmental Concerns in Water Reuse

  1. Characteristics of Municipal Wastewater and Related Health and Environmental Issues
  2. Water Reuse Regulations and Guidelines
  3. Health Risk Analysis in Water Reuse Applications

Part 3: Technologies and Systems for Water Reclamation and Reuse

  1. Water Reuse Technologies and Treatment Systems: An Overview
  2. Removal of Constituents by Secondary Treatment
  3. Removal of Residual Particulate Matter
  4. Removal of Dissolved Constituents with Membranes
  5. Removal of Residual Trace Constituents
  6. Disinfection Processes for Water Reuse Applications
  7. Satellite Treatment Systems for Water Reuse Applications
  8. Onsite and Decentralized Systems for Water Reuse
  9. Distribution and Storage of Reclaimed Water
  10. Dual Plumbing Systems

Part 4: Water Reuse Applications

  1. Water Reuse Applications: An Overview
  2. Agricultural Uses of Reclaimed Water
  3. Landscape Irrigation with Reclaimed Water
  4. Industrial Uses of Reclaimed Water
  5. Urban Nonirrigation Water Reuse Applications
  6. Environmental and Recreational Uses of Reclaimed Water
  7. Groundwater Recharge with Reclaimed Water
  8. Indirect Potable Reuse through Surface Water Augmentation
  9. Direct Potable Reuse of Reclaimed Water

Part 5: Implementing Water Reuse

  1. Planning for Water Reclamation and Reuse
  2. Public Participation and Implementation Issues


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Water Reuse
Issues Technologies and Applications
by Takashi Asano

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