Water Industry Reference book from C.H.I.P.S.

Water Pumps and Pumping Systems
Water/Wastewater Treatment Applications
by James B. Rishel

Water Pumps and Pumping Systems provides comprehensive, detailed coverage of pump application and pumped water systems as well as a sound working overview of pump design.

Water Pumps and Pumping Systems thoroughly examines:

  • NFPA Fire Standards
  • Potable and wastewater pumps
  • Installation, operation, and retrofit
  • Piping system calculations and friction analysis
  • Piping materials
  • Fire, municipal, domestic, water treatment, and industrial applications
  • Tools of design and design analysis
  • Performance issues
  • And more...
Water Pumps and Pumping Systems tackles the industry-specific issues and problems you face every day, including:
  • Misinformation about the proper operation of variable-speed pumps
  • Old rules that need to be replaced regarding pump speed and allowable velocities in piping
  • What field experience has taught the author about simple system head curves vs. complex system head areas
With almost 200 illustrations and valuable material from the Hydraulic Institute, ANSI, and ASTM, Water Pumps and Pumping Systems offers specialized knowledge and priceless experience that cannot be found in any other water industry reference.


1. The Basic Tools of Design

  1. 1 Digital Electronics and Water Pumps and Systems
  2. Physical Data for Water Pumping Systems
  3. System Friction

2. Pumps and Their Performance

  1. Basic Design of Centrifugal Pumps
  2. The Physical Design of Centrifugal Pumps for Water
  3. Centrifugal Pump Performance
  4. Positive Displacement Pumps
  5. Pump Drivers and Variable-Speed Drives

3. The Pumping World

  1. The Movement of Water
  2. Configuring a Pumped Water System
  3. Basics of Centrifugal Pump Application to Water Systems
  4. Centrifugal Pump Intake Design

4. Clear Water Pumping

  1. Pumps for Central Water Treatment Plants
  2. Water Pumps for Municipal Water Distribution
  3. Pumps for Plumbing Systems
  4. Fire Pumps
  5. Pumps for Agriculture

5. Solids Handling Pumping

  1. Performance of Positive Displacement Pumps
  2. Pumps for Sewage Collection Systems
  3. Pumps for Sewage Treatment Plants
  4. Storm Water Pumps

6. Installing, Testing, and Operating Pumps

  1. Installation of Water Pumps and Pumping Systems
  2. Instrumentation for Water Pumping Systems
  3. Testing Water Pumps
  4. Operating and Maintaining Water Pumps
  5. Factory-Assembled Pumping Systems
  6. Retrofitting Existing Water Pumping Systems
  7. Summary of Water System Energy Evaluations


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Water Pumps and Pumping Systems
Water/Wastewater Treatment Applications
by James B. Rishel

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