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Weedy and Invasive Plant Genomics
by C. Neal Stewart, Jr.

Weedy and Invasive Plant Genomics applies the latest research in genomics specifically to weedy and invasive species, dissecting the genetic basis of such traits as competitiveness, high fecundity, delayed germination, and herbicide tolerance.

Forward-looking in its approach, it also assesses areas of future research needed to combat these agricultural pests.

Key features:

  • Provides a further understanding of weeds and invasive plants at the molecular level
  • Dissects the genetic basis of key traits such as competitiveness, high fecundity, delayed germination, and herbicide tolerance
  • Indentifies future areas of research needed to manage weedy and invasive plants
  • Included contributions from leading experts in the field

1. Why Should Weed Scientists Care About Genomics?

  • Genomics to a Weed Scientist
  • Resistance
  • Better Use of Existing Herbicides
2. An Introduction to Molecular Genetic and Genomic Techniques
  • Weeds as a Source Of Genes For Crop Improvement
  • Tools and Approaches for Understanding Weediness at the Molecular Level
3. Arabidopsis is Not a Weed, and Mostly Not a Good Model for Weed Genomics; There is No Good Model for Weed Genomics
  • Introduction: Arabidopsis and Weediness
  • Questions About Weeds—Can Arabidopsis Genomics Answer Them?
  • The Misdirected Approach in Using Arabidopsis to Elucidate New Herbicide Targets
  • Arabidopsis Genomics Can Help in Dealing with Transgene Flow—in a Limited Manner
  • Lessons to be Learned
4. Model Weeds for Genomics Research
  • What Makes a Good Model Species?
  • Leverage from Other Models
  • Genomics Tools for Weeds That are Under Development
5. 21st-Century Weed Science: A Call for Amaranthus Genomics
  • The Amaranthus Genus
  • Hybridization and Adaptive Evolution
  • Herbicide Resistance
  • Currently Available Genomic Resources
  • Needs and Opportunities
6. Evolutionary Genomics of Weedy Rice
  • Phenotypic Diversity of Weedy Rice
  • Genomic Diversity of Weedy Rice
  • The Origin(s) and Evolution of Weedy Rice
  • The Genetic Basis of Weediness and Use of Weedy Rice in Crop Breeding
7. Rhizomatousness: Genes Important for a Weediness Syndrome
  • Developmental Context
  • An Exemplary Case: Johnsongrass
  • Dissecting the Genetic Control of Rhizomatousness
  • Early Insights into the Sorghum Rhizo-Transcriptome
  • Future Work and Potential Applications
8. Leafy Spurge: An Emerging Model to Study Traits of Perennial Weeds
  • Regulation of Shoot Development and Growth
  • Regulation of Bud Dormancy
  • Case Study: Leafy Spurge
9. Herbicide Resistance: Target Site Mutations
  • Resistance to Photosystem II-Inhibiting Herbicides
  • Resistance to Acetohydroxyacid Synthase-Inhibiting Herbicides
  • Resistance to Acetyl Coenzyme A Carboxylase-Inhibiting Herbicides
  • Resistance to Glyphosate
  • Resistance to Microtubule Assembly Inhibitors
  • Resistance to Phytoene Desaturase Inhibitors
10. Molecular and Genomic Mechanisms of Non-Target-Site Herbicide Resistance
  • Herbicide Application and Resistance
  • Herbicide Classification and Resistance
  • Non-Target Herbicide Resistance
  • Signal Transduction
  • Detoxification and Modification
11. A Herbicide Defense Trait that is Distinct from Resistance: The Evolutionary Ecology and Genomics of Herbicide Tolerance
  • Resistance Versus Tolerance in Weed Science
  • Tolerance in Evolutionary Ecology
  • Tolerance Traits and the Genomics of Tolerance
  • Why Again Should We Focus on Tolerance, Tolerance Traits, and the Genomics of Tolerance
12. The Genomics of Plant Invasion: A Case Study in Spotted Knapweed
  • Why Study Invasive Plant Genomics?
  • Spotted Knapweed Life History
  • Allelopathy and the Novel Weapons Hypothesis
  • Genomics Resources and Approaches for Studying Spotted Knapweed
13. Molecular Ecology of Plant Competition
  • Competition Signals and their Perception by Plants
  • Molecular Basis of Competitively Important Traits
  • Transcriptomic Insights into Competitive Interactions of Weedy Plants
14. Genomics and Weeds: A Synthesis
  • From Fundamental Information to Practical Solutions
  • Where Do We Go from Here?

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Weedy and Invasive Plant Genomics
by C. Neal Stewart, Jr.
2009 • 253 pages • $198.95 + shipping
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