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Welfare of Pigs
From Birth to Slaughter
edited by Luigi Faucitano

Welfare of Pigs is intended to be a reference text that covers all aspects of pig production, on the basis of scientific results.

Welfare of Pigs provides an in-depth review and empirical assessment of pig production concepts, knowledge and techniques in use today.


Welfare Concepts

  • Welfare Definitions
  • Welfare and Needs
  • Welfare and Feelings
  • Welfare and Stress
  • Welfare and Health
  • Welfare and Pain
  • Welfare Concepts in Relation to Assessment

Assessment of Pig Welfare

  • Neuroendocrine Systems
  • Behaviour
  • Production and Pathology

The Welfare of Pregnant and Lactating Sows

  • Hunger and Thirst
  • Discomfort
  • Pain and Injuries
  • Behavioural Needs
  • Fear, Stress and Suffering

The Welfare of Piglets

  • Comfort and Housing Requirements
  • Nutrition and Welfare
  • Viability and Health
  • Behavioural Needs
  • Fear, Stress and Suffering

The Welfare of Growing-Finishing Pigs

  • Welfare of the Recently Weaned and Nursery Pig
  • Main Grow-Finish Period
  • Housing and Environmental Effects on Welfare and Meat Quality of the G-F Pig
  • Research Opportunities to Improve Grow-Finisher Pig Welfare

The Welfare of Pigs During Transport

  • Loading Density
  • Transport Distance and Duration
  • Vehicle Design
  • Non-Ambulatory Animals or Those Otherwise Unfit for Transport

Effects of Preslaughter Handling on Stress Response and Meat Quality in Pigs

  • Critical Points Within the Pre-Slaughter Period

Welfare of Pigs During Stunning and Slaughter

  • Handling During Stunning
  • Stunning Methods
  • Killing of Pigs on the Farms During Disease Outbreaks

Breeding Pigs for Improved Welfare

  • Genetics and Animal Breeding
  • Pig Breeding Today
  • Direct Influence of Breeding Procedures on Welfare
  • Heterosis Improves Piglet Vitality
  • Selection For Increased Litter Size Requires Selection for Piglet Survival
  • Maternal Behaviour and Fear
  • The Sow's Ability to Produce Milk and to Use Body Reserves
  • Relations Between Growth, Leanness, Feed Conversion and Welfare
  • Leg Weakness and Longevity
  • Selection Against or for Extreme Stress Sensitivity?
  • Selection for Improved Resistance to Micro-Organisms
  • Breeding Instead of Castration?
  • Selection Against 'Bad Behaviour'
  • Selection for Decreased Environmental Sensitivity
  • More Data are Needed to Improve Welfare by Breeding
  • The Role of Cooperation in Improving Pig Welfare
  • Practical Implications

Human-Pig Relationships

  • Human-Animal Relationships in Pig Production
  • Fear, Productivity and Welfare
  • Stockperson Characteristics Regulating th Pig's Fear of Humans
  • Other Important Job-Related Characteristics of the Stockperson
  • Opportunities to Improve Human-Animal Interactions in the Pig Industry
  • Training
  • Selection of Stockpeople

The Welfare of Pigs: a Social, Ethical and Scientific Issue

  • Debate About Animal Welfare
  • Animal Welfare Science
  • Animal Welfare Assurance Programs
  • The Application of Animal Welfare Science


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Welfare of Pigs
From Birth to Slaughter
edited by Luigi Faucitano

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