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Whole Grains and Health
edited by Len Marquart

Whole Grains and Health presents a science-based discussion of whole grains and their expanding role in health and disease.

Coverage includes the health benefits of a diet rich in whole grains, the functional components of whole grains and the regulatory nuances of labeling grain products.

Whole Grains and Health highlights three key areas:

  • biological science and health
  • consumer research and education
  • grain science and technology

Whole Grains and Health also addresses the subject of communicating with and educating consumers, and product development.


Introduction to Whole Grains and Health

  1. The Future of Whole Grains
  2. Using a Model of the Food and Nutrition System for Examining Whole Grain Foods from Agriculture to Health

Whole Grains, Dietary Fiber, and Chronic Disease

  1. Whole Grains and Diabetes
  2. Whole Grains and Related Dietary Patterns in Relation to Weight Gain
  3. Whole Grains and Cardiovascular Disease
  4. Whole Grains and Cancer Prevention
  5. The Effects of Cereal Fibers on Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes Risk

Grain Technology and Health-related Outcomes

  1. Biochemistry and Compartmentalization of Cereal Grain Components and Their Functional Relationship to Mammalian Health
  2. Structure of Whole Grain Breads: Sensory Perception and Health Effects
  3. Aleurone: Processing, Nutrition, Product Development, and Marketing
  4. Active Components of Whole Grain Foods
  5. White Wheat: Biochemical and Sensory Characteristics of Bread
  6. Barley beta-glucan and Wheat Arabinoxylan Soluble Fiber Technologies for Health-promoting Bread Products
  7. Modulating Glycemia with Cereal Products
  8. Whole Grain Phytochemicals and Antioxidant Activity
  9. Alkylresorcinols as a Potential Biomarker for Whole Grain Wheat and Rye
  10. Resistant Starch as a Contributor to the Health Benefits of Whole Grains
  11. Influence of Germination Conditions on the Bioactivity of Rye

Whole Grains and Consumer and Regulatory Issues

  1. Barriers to the Consumption of Whole Grain Foods
  2. Consumer Acceptance of Refined and Whole Wheat Breads
  3. The Whole Grain Stamp Program
  4. Whole Grains and Consumers
  5. The Industry's Commitment to Whole Grains Education
  6. Industry Initiatives in Whole Grain Education
  7. Communicating with Consumers: Whole Grain Messaging
  8. Global Regulation, Labeling, Claims, and Seals: Perspectives and Guidelines


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Whole Grains and Health
edited by Len Marquart
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