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Wideband Amplifier Design
by Allen L. Hollister

Wideband Amplifier Design uses easy models to develop the theory needed to understand wideband amplifier design.

Wideband Amplifier Design develops equations used in high frequency design, giving the reader an understanding of hte process and circuit.

Key features include:

  • Simple models for amplifier design
  • Simulation programs, including SPICE and Genesys, compare real circuit performance to simulated data
  • Accurate models provide insight for all kinds of analog circuits, including wideband amplifiers, RF amplifiers, and circuits used for audio frequencies


1. Basic Network Theory

  1. RC Low-Pass Filter
  2. Transient Analysis
  3. Second-Order Systems—an RLC Low-Pass Filter
  4. Cascaded Filters
  5. Additional Peaking Techniques
  6. Nonsymmetric T-Coils
  7. Other Uses of T-Coils
  8. Physical Implementation of a T-Coil
  9. Peaking Technique Summary

2. Transistor Models with Application to Follower Circuit

  1. High-Frequency Models
  2. High-Frequency Models
  3. Applying the Models
  4. Cauer Series Expansion
  5. Conditions for Stability for an Emitter Follower with a Capacitive Load
  6. A Little Too Simple; Add Back REB and CJC
  7. An Example
  8. Adding Resistance to the Base
  9. Stopping Oscillations
  10. Package Parasitics
  11. Emitter-Follower Output Impedance
  12. FETs
  13. Negative Elements
  14. The Grounded Base Amplifier
  15. Chapter Summary

3. The Difference Amplifier

  1. Difference Amplifier Basics
  2. High-Frequency Gain of the Difference Amplifier
  3. Series Peaking
  4. Adding a PNP Level-Shifter
  5. Full Differential Amplifier Driven Differentially
  6. A Single-Ended Difference Amplifier
  7. The ft Doubler
  8. Noise Figure
  9. A Capacitive Load
  10. FET Differential Amplifier

4. Low-Frequency Nonlinear Performance

  1. Basic Models
  2. gm Modulation
  3. Nonlinearity in Difference Amplifiers
  4. A Low-Distortion Difference Amplifier
  5. Feed-Forward Correction in FET Amplifiers
  6. Linearity Correction for ft Doublers
  7. Summary of Linearity-Correction Circuits
  8. Thermals [5]
  9. Frequency-Dependent Dielectric Constants
  10. Problems with Attenuators

5. Shunt Feedback and Other Nifty Circuits

  1. Composite Circuit
  2. Shunt Feedback
  3. High-Frequency Performance
  4. Some Examples
  5. Driving High Capacitance Loads
  6. Op-Amps
  7. NonLinear Effects in Op-Amps and Slew Rate


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Wideband Amplifier Design
by Allen L. Hollister
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