Winery Facilities Handbook from C.H.I.P.S.

Winery Utilities
Planning, Design
and Operation

by David R. Storm

Winery Utilities is the first reference to integrate the basic planning, design, and operation functions of the many support systems that make a winery operate succesfully.


  • The necessary tools on how to avoid regulatory agency problems when obtaining use permits and meeting building code requirements at the planning stage
  • Useful guidelines for designing utilities for eventual expansion to meet anticipated production measures or for checking options for system upgrading or improvement
  • Helpful comparisons of utility systems and subsystems
  • Information on contemporary environmental constraints and methods for minimizing environmental disruption in the design of utilities
  • Covers planning, design and operations for each of the major components of winery utility systems

The author, an expert on wineries, gathers the essential elements of the major energy, water, wastewater, communication, solid waste, fuel, and fire protection groups and each other of their important subcategories, into one solid source.


  • Winery Classification
  • Required Utility Services

Electrical Systems

  • Electrical Load Planning
  • Power Distribution Sustem Alternatives
  • Voltage Considerations and Preferences
  • Electrical Requirements for Process Equipment
  • Electrical Requirements for Site Utility Equipment
  • Electrical Power Considerations for Non-U.S. Wine Producing Countries
  • Analysis of Rate Structures and Service Contracts
  • Energy Considerations in Winery Lighting
  • Controls, Instrumentation, Utility Systems Monitoring Status, and Alarms
  • Power Loss and Surge Protection. Operation and Maintenance of Electrical Systems


  • Business Aspects and Winery Communications Needs
  • Technology Changes Influencing Equipment Choices
  • System Choices, Limitations and Advantages
  • Telecommunications Security
  • Computers and Wine Industry Focused Software
  • Maintenance and Operation of Telecommunication Systems

Sanitation, Stream and Hot Water

  • Winery Design Concepts, Winery Age and Sanitation
  • Cleaning System Options
  • Water Use Planning Guidelines
  • Boilers and Boiler Water Quality
  • Primer on Boilers
  • Alternative Energy Sources for Hot Water
  • Maintenance and Operation of Steam/Hot Water Systems

Refrigeration, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

  • Scope
  • Basic Principles
  • Refrigerants
  • Fermentation Heat Balance and Tank Thermal Stratification
  • Ventilation and Night Air Cooling
  • Insulation and Solar Energy Considerations
  • Operation and Maintenance

Potable Water Supply Systems

  • Winery Site Water Resources Assessments
  • Winery Water Development and Environmental Impact Issues
  • Preassure Requirements
  • Water Meters
  • Water Storage
  • Water Treatment
  • Water Conservation
  • Piping, Pipe Materials and Secondary Contamination
  • Bottled Water Service
  • Standby Emergency Power
  • Economical Oversizing of Water System Components for Future Expansion
  • Water System Operation and Maintenance

Irrigation Water Supply Systems and Reclaimed Wastewater

  • Irrigation of Winery and Vineyard Functions
  • Conflicts in Recycled Water Supply and Vineyard Irrigation Demand
  • Vineyard Water Requiremnts
  • Systems and Equipment
  • Operation and Maintenance of Reclaimed Wastewater
  • Drip Irrigation Systems

Wastewater Systems

  • Overview and System Seperation Philosophy
  • Treatment and Disposal of Sanitary Wastewater
  • Winery Process Wastewater
  • Operation and Maintenance of Process Wastewater
  • Operation and Maintenance of Process Wastewater
  • Treatment and Disposal Systems

Liquified Petroleum Gas Systems

  • Gaseous Fuel Characteristics
  • Design Details Odorized LP-Gas, Forklift Garaging and Gas Leak Detection
  • Pressure Relief Valves
  • Operational Maintenance of LP-Gas Systems
  • Other Forklift Options

Fire Protection Systems

  • Winery Fire Hazard and Occupancy Class
  • Fire Threats
  • Structural Features for Fire Prevention and Spread Containment
  • Fire Protection Sytem Testing Institutes
  • Fire Protection Water Supply Systems
  • Fire Alarms and Instrumentation
  • Sprinkler Systems
  • Miscellaneous Fire Protection Equipment and Apparatus
  • Operation and Maintenance of Fire Protection Systems

Solid Waste Systems:

  • Laws and Regulations Governing the Handling of Solid Waste
  • Winery Solid Waste Characterization
  • Winery Waste Generation Rate Estimates
  • Solid Waste Containers and Equipment
  • Solid Waste System Operation and Maintenance
  • Wineries and Adopt-a-Highway Programs.

Winery Utilities and Health Prevention and Safety Programs

  • Human Behavior and High-Risk Job Activities
  • Workers' Compensation Law
  • Winery Operations and Air Resources
  • Noise
  • Confined Space Regulations
  • Machinery Guards, Walking and Working Surfaces
  • Site Utilities and Health and Safety Planning


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Winery Utilities
Planning, Design, and Operation
by David R. Storm

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