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Wood Modification
Chemical Thermal and Other Processes
by Callum A. S. Hill

Wood Modification puts wood modification into context and additionally deals with aspects of commercialisation and environmental impact.


  • The use of timber in the 21st century
  • Modifying the properties of wood
  • Chemical modification of wood: Acetic Anhydride Modification and reaction with other chemicals
  • Thermal modification of wood
  • Surface modification
  • Impregnation modification
  • Commercialisation of wood modification
  • Environmental consideration and future developments


The Use of Timber in the Twenty-first Century

  • Nonrenewables: a Finite and Exhaustible Resource
  • Renewable Materials
  • The Global Timber Resource
  • Timber Production
  • Wood Preservation
  • Preservative-treated Wood and Legislation
  • Competition from Nonrenewable Materials
  • The Need for Wood Modification

Modifying the Properties of Wood

  • Wood Properties and Wood Modification.
  • Wood Modification Methods.
  • The Cell Wall of Wood.
  • The Chemical Constituents of Wood.
  • The Wood–Water Relationship.
  • The Mechanical Properties of Modified Wood.
  • Modified Wood and Biological Degradation.
  • Wood and Weathering.
  • Proof of Bonding

Chemical Modification of Wood (I): Acetic Anhydride Modification

  • Reaction Protocols.
  • Cell Wall Reactivity.
  • Analysis of Anhydride-modified Wood.
  • Dimensional Stability.
  • Mechanical Properties
  • Microbiological Degradation
  • Biological Degradation by Insects and Marine Organisms
  • Moisture Relationships of Anhydride-modified Wood
  • Composites Utilizing Acetic Anhydride Modified Wood

Chemical Modification of Wood (II): Reaction with Other Chemicals

  • Reaction of Wood with Other Noncyclic Anhydrides
  • Reaction of Wood with Cyclic Anhydrides
  • Acetylation Using Ketene Gas
  • Carboxylic Acid Modification
  • Acid Chloride Modification
  • Isocyanate Modification
  • Epoxide Modification
  • Alkyl Halide Modification
  • Aldehyde Modification
  • Cyanoethylation
  • Beta-Propiolactone
  • Quinone Methides

Thermal Modification of Wood

  • Process Variables
  • Chemical Changes in Wood due to Thermal Modification
  • Physical Changes in Wood due to Thermal Modification
  • Biological Properties of Thermally Modified Wood
  • Compressed Wood
  • Oil Heat-treatments

Surface Modification

  • Surface Chemical Modification for UV Stability
  • Modification to Render the Wood Surface Hydrophobic
  • Surface Chemical Modification for Bonding
  • Enzymatic Modification
  • Corona or Plasma Discharge

Impregnation Modification

  • Resin Treatments
  • Impregnations using Silicon-containing Compounds
  • Other Inorganic Cell Wall Precipitation Treatments
  • Cell Wall Impregnation with Monomers
  • Cell Wall Impregnation with Polymers

Commercialization of Wood Modification

  • Thermal Modification
  • Oil Heat Modification/Treatments
  • Acetylation
  • Impregnation Modification

Wood Modification: Environmental Considerations and Future Developments

  • Principles of the Determination of Environmental Impact
  • Methods of Determining Environmental Impacts
  • The Environmental Impact of Wood Modification
  • Industrial Ecology and Wood Modification
  • The Future of Wood Modification


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Wood Modification
Chemical Thermal and Other Processes
by Callum A. S. Hill

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